Learning to ride the Parkinson's horse

Dealing with Parkinson’s disease is like riding an unruly and unpredictable horse. Some days the horse cooperates and the journey through the day is smooth and steady. Other days the horse can become agitated in the morning or sometimes in the evening, making that part of the journey bumpy and uncomfortable. On bad days the horse is raging and uncontrollable, eventually kicking the rider off. Because the Parkinson horse is the only means of transport available, on these days you have to pick yourself up, nurse your aching bones and climb back on the horse.

As you learn the day-to-day challenge of Parkinson’s you get to know the personality and tolerance of your own Parkinson’s horse. You learn when to gallop, trot or slow to a walk and how to keep your balance on the horse. You also learn how to pick yourself up when you are kicked off. This is the challenge of living with Parkinson’s disease.

dr jonny
Great piece Dr john . You & i both have great faculties all intact