Leg jerking

I am having difficulty driving as my right leg jerks and therefore the car leapfrogs - I live in a rural community and need the car.   This problem comes on most afternoons but can appear at any time.  I take my meds Sinemet and Selegilene 4x a day does anyone know if increasing the meds will solve this frightening occurence.   Thank you

The amount of drugs u take depends on how bad your condition is or/and how long you've had it.

Re the car I have recently bought an AUtomatic with Cruise Control .  The automatic removes all

the clutch activity with the left foot .  The CC feature means u dont have to use the accelerator

as much with the right , in fact u can mildly increase or decrease speed using a switch on the

steering wheel.

... I have found these 2 features pretty good for my driving ... there may be more aids on some cars

perhaps ..  I spent £5000 and got a really nice Vauxhall Meriva Deisel.


Andy (aka ojalahey)


Thank you worth considering.

I to changed to an automatic on being diagnosed, and have found it really beneficial, one problem I am having though is that my left arm aches after a short while when driving I have tried different way of gripping the wheel and different positions for my hands but nothing seems to help.


An occupational therapist might be able to help.

Also check out these driving aids:


Thank you for posting this information leyther . I am going to have to make some changes soon .Have been looking at options available and your post really helpful .