Leg pain & rigidity

Hi all,

Posting on behalf of Mum, With Fibromyalgia & Arthritis, I'm not much use to her & don't use the pc so these days.

She's 65, diagnosed 14/09/12, affecting left hand side.
current meds: Sinemet 25/100, Neupro Patch 4mg. About 3 weeks since pre op for total hip replacement.

We're seeing neuro this Friday morn, see if it's safe for op & ask about Mums worst symptoms. Stinging, internal tremor, pain from lower back to feet.

The nurse says Mums tremor has improved and the arm rigidity has eased, but she is in tears with stinging in both legs and the rigidity has her moving very stiffly. She says daily her legs are 'stiff as a board' and is in danger of falling. She gets what feels like 'attacks of cramp' very often.

I wonder if anyone has had severe 'stinging', tremor and rigidity in their legs?

My mum had a lot of problems with pain in her foot and lower leg - which was eventually termed "restless leg with neuropathic pain" for want of a clear diagnosis.

She worked her way through several medications before finding one that suited her with less side-effects but which achieved a level of pain (and sensitivity) relief. Try googling neuropathic pain for more information.

Her meds were initially amitryptiline, then pregabalin, neither good for her, but finally Duloxetine - which is an SNRI so had the bonus aspect of being an antidepressant so that helped with mood also.

Here's a link to a useful page of information:

If she hasn't already had this checked, Vitamin B12 deficiency can also contribute to this (along with a host of other problems) which can be simply remedied with a regular injection.

Good luck - let us know how you get on
Your Mum's arthritis could be the reason for the rigidity and pain in her legs, if it is things should improve after she's had her hip replacement operation. I had a total hip replacement a year ago, prior to that I had a lot of pain, muscle spasm and rigidity. I could not even crawl towards the end let alone walk. After the operation all problems disappeared. Hope all goes well for your Mum.
@ platespinner - They mentioned restless leg a few months ago when she was taken into a&e after a fall. She's just started a break from pregabalin in case it helps & had tried amitryptiline in the past. She tends to sleep heavily on them for a few hours then can't drop off.

@ quiest – That’s very interesting, she's tried to ask locally about ppl's pain from the hip & post op. I've wondered if it's arthritis, parks or trapped nerve. Glad to hear there can be poss relief post op, mums a fighter and determined to keep active.

Many thanks
Hello Parkpost,

As always, lots of ideas from different sources and experiences to hopefully help you out and raise some new avenues for you to try.

Lets hope that the hip op does the trick and solves the pain & rigidity issues.

Good luck :grin:
Saw the neuro yesterday, mums had a blood test, will go for neck scan, raise meds to 250m soon and try gabapanten. He says it could be a difficult sub type of parks to treat as everyones different, but with the above and the hip op, hopefully we'll have a better idea & she may have some relief.
Mum's had the 250mg sinamet foe little over a week now, we're waiting on her neck scan and will see the parks nurse next week. She's really been suffering with the stinging. I wonder if 'stinging' can be a problem for others as the neuro feels it's most likely pd causing it?