Leg pain

Hi i am 66 and have been diagnosed with Parkinsons it started with a slight twitch in my right forefinger, then progressed to a full on twitch which is well controlled by medication and movement techniques although sometimes it goes a bit crazy and theres tea or red wine everywhere. Over the last month i have developed severe pain/ache in my right leg it comes on while sitting ie watching tv and is like severe cramp, it is slightly relieved by pain killers, it is bad in the morning and i have to really concentrate when getting out of bed as it l
feels like it cant support my weight it does feel better if i can walk about more. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced similar.

Hi Miaa1234

My tremors as i call it now affects my left side of my body. Being right handed it doesnt effect most things, however meal times can be hard at times as i use the fork in my left hand, now i can hold it but i struggle to turning it over i find i have to trap it on my plate with my knife and take hold of it again, scooping up peas n such can get messy as my hand shakes before its in my mouth n thus said items are scatterd across my plate n sometimes onto the floor.

When resting or in bed im getting a buzzing kind of feeling from my left foot causing it to twitch my whole left leg which is annoying when trying to sleep. It can also effect my left arm. Been alot of times where im sat on the side of the bed as i cant sleep, this seems to ease it off after awhile but sometimes i can do this four times a night before im able to sleep, not fun at 4am. Now to boot ive got pains in my right leg, knee, lower back and hip to add to the mix, might be because my right side is compensating for my left i dunno, its just strange as its worse when resting but not as bad moving about though i do struggle getting up off chairs ect.

Dear Miaa1234

Your leg pain issues. You are not alone, I could easily have written the same thing myself.
I was diagnosed with PD in the summer of 2009.
Bottom line. How to alleviate the worst leg pain first thing getting out of bed…I have a solution, take your medication/pain killer before you get up.
I USE A VIBRALIGHT WATCH, which is set to vibrate/wake me, an hour before time to get up. I take Madopar and paracetamol . Amount to be advised by GP or PD SPECIALIST.
This helps , pain still there, but numbed. If I don’t take my medication, as described…mega pain…

try it…use any device eg alarm clock

Thanks for that will give it a go.

Yes i have difficulty getting off the settee, sometimes 3 or 4 rocks then freeze to get my balance. The pain in my right leg is more painful at rest its strange this just came on suddenly im told that Parkinsons is a personal disease but there are similarities makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring but guess i wil have to deal with whatever day bit day. Thanks for responding.

I seem to be getting cramps in my right leg every morning when I try to get out of bed.
I can usually catch it before it takes hold and fend it off.
Getting out of bed, turning over in bed and getting out of a chair are all getting more difficult.

Hi Hubby,
Try silk/satin sheets they definitly help with turning over in bed and you also need silk/ satin pyjama.Hope this info helps.it did help me.cheers,ANNE29