Leg spasams

Just had another bad night with hubby. Ashamed to say that I had a flounce because of his leg spasams. Yes I know he can't help them but they driving me crazy and to sleep on the settee. not Evan sure if they part of Parkinson's or not and if they are any suggestions to lessen them. They are so bad that if he sitting in the chair his foot comes of the floor and bangs back down and at night in bed he has been known to kick me out of bed. My legs are black and blue am so tired and I'm still trying to work part time so any help or advice would be grateful
talk to the neurologist, the right drugs and level of drugs is probably the problem.
Its me that has the restless leg and spasms. You're right, it caused a few problems between me and my wife, but we talked about it and made provisions to sleep apart IF WE HAVE TO. Two sleep deprived people is a recipe for problems

We managed to organise a warm and safe place to be when the night proves difficult. It means that at least one of us gets a good nights sleep and I can read or rest till I get sleepy again.

It's not what we want, but it works for us for now. PD, unfortunately, doesn't stop at nightime. But you can face up to it if you've had some sleep.