Legal Advice required

Looking for some advice. Based in England.

I have two chronic health conditions - Parkinsons and T1 Diabetes. As a result I have to renew my drivers license every 3 years. I got the letter telling me to reapply in Nov 21. If Id only had 1 condition I could have applied online but because its two, I had to fill in paper forms. DVLA prioritised on line applications during Covid and (despite chasing several times) I didn’t get my license to November '22.

The DVLA did send an email saying that they had received my application and whilst it was being processed, I was still legally entitled to drive.

Back in May 22 I was done for doing 37 in a 30 mph area. Fair cop, no complaints from me. Sends off the paperwork and given my clean license, was hoping for the old Speed Awareness course.

Six weeks later, I get a court summons for not only the speeding but also for driving without a valid license. Obviously I was pissed off but plead guilty / not guilty. I heard nothing more until I got a letter telling me I was found guilty of speeding (No mention of the other charge).

Rather than the £100 Fixed Penalty Notice charge, I was fined £360 (including costs)! I was apparently not eligible for a FPN due to the other “alleged offence”. This seems really unfair to me so I appealed the fine, explaining the circumstances. I have just been given a Crown Court date, where Im expected to appear in person, with an ominous warning that if unsuccessful, Id potentially be liable for both parties costs.

Given that my health has brought about an early retirement, I can afford additional costs like Boris Johnson needs a lie detector test!

So, do I withdraw my appeal or stick to my guns?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Hello Vaugeshark
What a tale you have there, I think you have been dreadfully unlucky and it seems to me that the various agencies involved all take a different view and you are caught in the middle. I’m really sorry to say that I don’t think I can comment on this, I think you need proper legal advice. The reason I’m posting is because it was the case some years ago, I don’t know if is still so, that you could get a half an hour free consultation with a solicitor to review your case and give you an opinion. It might be worth checking if that is so and if it is could perhaps help you decide what to do. Citizen’s Advice may be able to help and the Parkinson’s helpdesk may well be able to point you in the righ direction. Sorry I can’t do more but I hope one of these can give you some constructive advice.

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Horribly unfair!

I’d go for the lowest stress option and just pay up. I like the moto - ‘Choose your battles’.

I voluntarily surrendered my license when first diagnosed (because I was very ill), but since treatment (with blood patches) I’m very much better and have applied to have it reinstated. It’s been a few weeks since I sent off the application and I won’t risk driving until I get a licence, even though the rules are that since I surrendered voluntarily I can now drive until ruled unfit.

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