My husband is a PD sufferer. He is great 8-8 daily ! Fit and active. Has a personal trainer and can walk 4 miles every other day ! Recently he just loses strength in his legs at night …literally struggles to walk … How can we improve this ?
Is bee/ lager bad for him? He may have one or two beers / lagers occasionally and I’m wondering if this makes things worse??

Hi Dee,
We just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the Forum, and be sure you are aware of the resources on our website at Parkinsons.org.uk. We found some info on alcohol and Parkinson’s here and you will find many more links to research as well as previous Forum discussions that may help. Also know you and your husband can call us directly to speak with an advisor at 0808 800 0303. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here getting to know our wonderful community.
Our best to you both,
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Hello Dee

Might he just be running out of medication? When does he take his last dose? With all the pandemic problems how long is it since he had a meds review?

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Hi Dee,

I agree with Mosie. When I have had similar problems that have persisted for a while, talking to the Parkinson specialist nurse or consultant has always proved to be the best way forward.

I’d love to say I could talk to my GP but he doesn’t know anything about Parkinson’s and the last time I tried this he suggested a fairly significant medication increase which was a bit alarming. Your husband may, however, have a more knowledgeable GP who may also be able to contact specialist services to get some advice on his behalf so if he cannot access specialist services then this has to worth a try.

Parkinson’s is a truly strange thing ( I can think of many other words to describe it but I couldn’t write them here :smirk::sweat_smile:) and in my personal experience, managing it is all about balancing appropriate medication with lifestyle factors - such as exercise. If my medication is wrong, then I can’t do all the things I should be doing to help myself. For me, having access to a nurse specialist is an absolute priority but I know that not everybody has this and this has been especially true during the past year.
Take care. Jx

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Thank you for your response … we have a great specialist nurse and will discuss with her . I agree it’s a strange disease because some days he’s amazing. He has had a knee op in the last 12 months which has had a very negative effect on his PD :woman_shrugging: