Let rip on PIP!

Hi all,

As you might have heard there is a new Minister for Disabled People (Mark Harper MP) and this gives an opportunity for a fresh look at PIP.

We want him to know the serious effect that the stress of applying and waiting for PIP is having on people with Parkinson's so he stops the roll out to those on DLA until they have got a grip on PIP!

If you want the Government to wait until the independent review reports back before they ask more people to join the waiting line:

Ask them to get a grip on PIP

Why not let rip on ESA as well ive been waiting nrly a Year for assessment!! and in no way am i the only one, the whole system is a joke.

Oh yer and that link or what it is too 'get a grip on pip' appears not too work.

Hello Eorann

I found the template and wrote an extra piece and then lost it after hitting submit. For the time being I can't face doing it again.

Hi Sea Anger and Mosie,

Thanks for the note on the link. I'm not sure what happened there but it's fixed now big grin

Mosie if you pressed the submit button your email has probably been sent so there is no need to do it again. If you want to send me a message or email me ([email protected]) I'll check if yours went through.

As for ESA, we completely understand your frustration. We think the system is a joke too! Campaigning from us and other charities lead to the Work and Pensions committee review saying the system needed overhauling. The Government will respond to this in September and so in the run up to it we have met with the minister and officials and there is definitely sympathy for our cause. There is also an independent review running which we have submitted a report too and people with Parkinson's were asked to share their experiences with. This should report back in December. So while it may feel like there isn't much happening at the moment this is a good pause while we wait for the Government to respond (and don't worry we are continuing to push for this to be the correct response). If you'd like to do something I would really recommend getting in touch with your MP as it will give more voices for change (and people have seen that this has fast tracked their assessment too). If you'd like any help getting in touch with your MP do get in touch, I'd be happy to do anything I can.


Hi Eorann

Thank's for the reply

I'm awaiting a appointment with my Neuro at the start of October, when i should know something more concrete about my illness and future following a dat scan,like everything it takes time beyond our control for everything too fall into place, I have been in contact with my local disability advice service this morning, they have been helpfull  to me since i became ill and have contacted the dwp several times on my behalf and will help me in the future, they also suggested my m.p.

But too be honest i'm not sure i trust that M.p, it is someone that political party put in place from a different part of the country, and they have been silent on several local issues on which they should be serving and has shown little interest in the area, a empty vessel. i have seen more of that M.p in bbc television show audiences than i have speaking up for local issues.