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Social isolation can be tough on mental health, and we understand you may have questions that need answers.

We’re hosting a Q&A session with Richard Brown, Professor of Neuropsychology & Clinical Neuroscience on Thursday 2nd of April.

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I suppose this is a personal question but I suspect that it applies to many people. Are regular and quite severe mood swings likely to be linked to medication regime? All the usual strategies that help to manage anxiety and mood swings are currently unavailable for obvious reasons and what was already a tenuous balance in terms of maintaining good mental health is proving to be very difficult to maintain. Social media is causing more stress than it is alleviating and a crushing sense of apathy is a constant concern. Could medication adjustments potentially help?

Thanks for your question Jackson, we will forward it on and hopefully can get it answered for you.

Keep the questions coming everyone :slight_smile:

Exercise or medication for stress? If exercise, what would you recommend?

Hello, I live with my husband aged 75, who has Parkinson’s Dementia, early stages and to start with we had shopping delivered. As delivery slots became unavailable I started going to my local shop, about 10 minutes walk away, at first there were lots of empty shelves but it is improving.
While I benefited from going out. safe distancing as much as possible, my husband’s mental state declined. Extremely anxious while I was out and PD and dementia symptoms worsening.
Yesterday, I decided that it would be better for him mentally to come with me, more mental stimulation and it greatly improved his mood and symptoms. However, I am torn, I know he should keep away from people but to see him in such a distressed state wasn’t doing much for my mental health as a carer. Any advice or comments please.

Hello Flo

Thanks for your question. We totally understand your situation and we’re here to support where we can. We do strongly recommend that you check out the guidance we have on our coronavirus page here: prksn.uk/39Njj8i. You can also give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 for further guidance.


Keep trying to get a delivery slot. In my area Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose all have a limited number of slots available and it is getting a lot easier. By checking all the supermarket sites every day I’ve managed to get a weekly delivery from one or other of them.

Good advice, it’s what I’ve been doing too.

Hello Flo - same issues here & my husband is the same age as yours. We’ve been lucky with deliveries recently but when I’ve had to go out - rarely - I’ve taken my husband with me but given him something useful to do. On a 10 min walk to our nearest suoermarket he came with me as far as their car park and carried a cloth bag for the groceries home. He then walked slowly around the car park perimeter to help ease his stiffness while I popped in to get the few basics we needed. Outside he held the bag open while I deposited the shopping & once home, the bag went in the washing machine.

On the plus side, I had forgotten how speedily one could shop if necessary(!) & my husband seems more aware of how to ‘stay safe’ in these strange times. At home, keeping things much the same in routine helps as daresay you have found too. We also take our daily walk togther. Not always easy as PD dementia is pretty unpredictable as you will know. I have also been baking extra treats for both of us now I have flour & eggs again!

Best wishes to you both. :blush:

Hello, thank you for your replies. I thought I had success with getting a Tesco slot but looking at my items later, I had lost the slot, and no others available. In this area it is very difficult getting a slot, but I keep trying.
I will have to walk to our local shop in the next few days, whether or not my husband comes with me, and stays out of the shop, I’ve no idea what he will do on the day. A decision one day bares no relevance to another day.
The last time I went on my own I was shocked by how many people weren’t safe distancing, even arguing with a security guard, who turned out to be almost useless.I find myself waking in the night, full of worry, how will my husband cope if I got the virus. We are lucky enough to have a garden and the weather is lovely.Always something to do. Keep safe everyone

Hi Flo,
It’s so hard to know what to do for the best. I managed to get an Asda slot for my parents who are in their 80s - I don’t live near them - but now I can’t book one for myself even if I could find one because, understandably, you can only book one at a time. I kind of decided their need was greater than mine but it is all such a balancing act. Are there any organisations or groups in your area who can go shopping for you? There are now one or two groups setting up around my area who are trying to support people in difficult positions but it can be hard to get in touch with them or find out who is offering what. I’m just wondering if anybody is coordinating support in your area - you may live in a remote place but if not, would it be worth seeing if anybody on the forum knows of any support groups local to you? You’re working so hard to take care of your husband and I really hope that you manage to find some support in order to be able to take care of yourself as well. All my thoughts.Jx

I have always managed to deal with the issue of the mental health side 0f Parkinson. mostly by ignoring it for the sake of ,myself and others

I survived the advent of the virus or so Ithought…wrong. IT S[quote=“NickT, post:3, topic:23515, full:true”]
Thanks for your question Jackson, we will forward it on and hopefully can get it answered for you.

Keep the questions coming everyone :slight_smile: -

Sorry I pressed the wrong button, so here is the rest of the message
During the last few weeks I have had a complete cave in. I have lost most of the will to fight… I recently lost a of dear and much loved friend, She was always there for me and now feel I have lost my direction. Is there a way back and any hope for me… I have to find my way back onto the path before I sink into the mud.


Hi Swot,
I don’t know what to say but equally, I cannot not respond to your post because it is awful to feel so lost and many of the normal coping mechanisms for dealing with mental health issues are not available at the moment. You have so much to deal with right now; feelings of grief and loss always need time, and support is often also needed in order to manage them which again, is really difficult to get at the moment, but I do think there is a way back. I know it’s hard to get through to anybody right now in order to access help but I do hope you feel able to pick up the phone and and speak to somebody. Take care and keep posting. Jx

I have this tip: When I find a slot available I immediately book it and order anything that will fulfil the minimum purchase ( e.g. £40 for Sainsbury’s £60 for Waitrose). That way, I can checkout and secure the slot. Orders can be amended up to the night before delivery, so I don’t have to buy the stuff I ordered. I make my shopping list, then amend the order, deleting the items I don’t want and adding the items I missed.

For example, last Friday I booked a slot with Waitrose for next Friday. At the moment the order is for 6 bottles of wine. Tomorrow, or on Thursday, after I’ve made a shopping list, I’ll amend the order. deleting most of the wine and adding the groceries we need.

Hi Jane, still trying to get a slot.Thank you for your reply, it was when I went to amend the order that I noticed the slot had gone. My sister got me a few things to keep us going but in the meantime I keep trying.Flo

You need to complete the checkout in order to avoid losing the spot. You can still amend the order later.

Managed to get a slot for tomorrow. I kept trying then suddenly there were a few slots yesterday so I got it. I lost track of how many times I tried but am pleased to get one . x

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