Levodopa and dry mouth

Hi everyone. I joined the site a while ago and didn't post much, if anything. I do hope to become a more regular contributer, but for now I was hoping someone could advise me what they did about dry mouth with levodopa. I only starred taking l-dopa a couple of weeks ago, and I did take quite a number of other medications for PD as well as other conditions, however I believe it is likely to be the l-dopa causing the problem. It seems that unless I am currently eating or drinking, my lips and mouth are extremely dry. There best be a better answer than constant fluids!


Many thanks in advance for any advise. 


I chew sugar free gum after meals to help the saliva flow and protect my teeth .

Mostly I have either artificial saliva gel or spray, as I buy the annual prescription card I like to get my monies worth so ask my dentist for a prescription for gel and fluoride toothpaste.  you can buy it over the counter.

If you have a dry mouth likely not making much saliva and this can be a factor in tooth decay.  My dentist recommended an increased fluoride toothpaste brush twice a day, and twice a day  at different times use  a mouthwash.  your dentist will give you the best advice, but I am of course making the assumption you have your own teeth,

Hope this helps 

Thanks, I  had no idea there was such a thing as artificial saliva

My Husband keep a sports capped bottle of flavoured water beside him at all times and takes a mouthful before speaking. It helps him a lot but we have never heard of artificial saliva either.