Licence Revoked

First time I've posted on here properly but want others thoughts.
Was diagnosed about 18 months ago and only just notified DVLA about 3 weeks ago after getting pulled and a friendly warning for clipping a kerb and being told I must notify.
Got a letter on Saturday dated 16th June revoking my licence from 21st.
Had to mess around to reinsure my daily driver as Churchill won't let me have a policy unless I have a licence so cost a small fortune to set up a new policy in my wife's name. To add insult to injury Churchill are trying to charge me £26 cancellation fee and no refund on remaining 7 months - despite the fact that it is them refusing insurance on medical grounds and won't transfer existing policy to wife's name - oh yes!
Insurers for my classic car (Triumph Spitfire) happy to allow policy to continue as long as I dont drive and added my daughter to policy so at least car gets some use. (£90 to add a 21 year old student for a 40 year old sports car with performance mods - bargain)
Going to see if doctor or consultant will write supporting me for restricted licence although I suspect it's because of their answer to DVLA that licence revoked
Losing my licence at such short notice is pretty devastating with being able to get to work etc so just ordered an electric bike which could be interesting.
I thought you had the right of appeal, subject to undergoing a DVLA medical and a special DVLA invalidity driving test? I've done both in the past, passing both successfully.
Licences which are revoked can always be reinstated - with medical support - if there's good reason, e.g. some medical breakthrough significantly improves your symptoms.
I eventually gave mine up voluntarily, because I knew I was becoming a danger to other road users.
Going by the letter I have 2 routes of appeal open to me
First is a supporting letter from gp and/ consultant and DVLA asses again
Other is appeal to magistrates court against decision - I know some of the local magistrates and the main man says would not normally overturn decision taken on medical grounds unless I could produce evidence that original decision was flawed
If truth be told DVLA is probably right - just hard to accept that I'm not allowed to make own decision on whether to drive or not
Yes, I was devastated when I surrendered mine, all that freedom gone since my first scooter in 1965! It took me months to adapt, even though I was retired by then.

However it WAS the right decision really.

I've never heard of a PD patient losing their licence straight away, though. Must be the long delay.
Hi DB, perhaps they've revoked your license because you didn't inform them of your PD in the first place. Most of us have our licenses renewed every 3 years, subject to medical advice of course, they have also been known to renew yearly. I'm sure that you will get it back though, just make your appeal and cross the old fingers!!!

I was sent by the DVLA to Leeds for their special individual disabled drivers driving test. It took several hours, starting with eye tests and reaction tests on a computer simulator. Then tea and biscuits (all very civilised, and the examiners are on OUR side!), followed by an outside proper test in THEIR car, provided they're happy with your performance so far.

I'm sure you can pay to do this privately, without a DVLA referral, and assuming you get a pass certificate and can get another supporting letter from your neuro, I can't see how the DVLA (or court) can turn down your appeal.

Good luck!
Hello, DB,
Undoubtably you p****d the DVLA off becasue you did not inform them straight away.I have been diagnosed for ten years and was outraged when I first had to have a 3 year licence. I had recently passed my advanced driving test. I decided to have an update test every three years just before my renewal was due. It does wonders for the confidence, and, if you do find your reactions a bit slower than they were, you will more than make up for it by forward planning.
Good luck.
Won't he need a licence to do that?

When I was first dx I informed the DVLA and my licence was taken off me for about 3 months, like Ray I had to go and take a special driving assessment/test and after I was told I'd be issued a 3yr licence because obviously our condition deteriorates and we need to be checked again, I'm now on my 3rd one.
Had a phone call from my GP last night - she was shocked to find licence had been revoked and DVLA have not been in touch with her and can't have contacted consultant as he has been off sick for 2 months. I've got an appointment with him for 5th July and he should be back by then.
GP is writing to DVLA to support me and she has also given me contact details of somewhere local to get assesment.
So fingers crossed that I can get something sorted.
In the meantime the electric bike has been delivered 10 minutes ago - I'll let you know how I get on:grin:
Good luck!

I hope they don't charge you with failing to inform them!

Ray, thats a good point. I am assuming he wins an appeal. The IAM might take him on private land to do an assessment like they do with under 17 year olds. They are very helpful.
Got my 3 year licence renewed last month no problem. I have never heard of the DVLA revoking a licence without first contacting your neuro and GP. Probably it was just a slap on the wrist for not informing them straight away. I feel sure an appeal will be successful. Good luck DB!

One of the problems is that all we drivers sympathise with each other, and having probably driven every day of our lives for maybe 40 years, often with no endorsements and 20 years' NCB, are naturally indignant at the suggestion that perhaps it's time to hang up those keys.

We KNOW that all those decades of experience and increased maturity make us better drivers than 90% of the other drivers (nutters) on the road, and can't believe our response times and concentration can be slipping sufficiently for us to call it a day.

Worst of all, after all those years, even the concept of not being able to pop down the shops, nip over to the garden centre or do the annual run down to Cornwall is horrifying! It certainly does take months or years for someone who's driven all their life to adjust to this new way of living; especially if it's happening just as retirement approaches - just the time you'd been looking forward to enjoying lots of leisure driving at last.

Unfortunately we drivers have to wake up to reality and look down on ourselves from above for what we now are: deteriorating Parkies who probably have trouble enough walking round the house or concentrating on the Radio Times. We probably can't put a dinner plate in the dishwasher, let alone control a steering wheel properly. If we're not already a serious danger to the general public we jolly well soon will be. Who would want the death of a couple of six-year-olds on their way to school, caused by our own slow reactions or failing eyesight, on their conscience?

We shouldn't cling on to our licences until renewal time, and then pray that the DVLA or examiners will be favourable towards us for another year or two. I suspect most of us (or at least our loved ones or friends) will know when we've reached the time to move over to the passenger seat. And if your licence still has a long time left on it, surrender it anyway, and avoid the temptation.

This is what I did. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, and turned my world upside down for ages. But it was the right thing to do, and I'm glad to be free of the worry of "what if.....?"

Hello Dicky Blighter..and others I am at present ..on a restricted licence.have told my insurance etc to check out ..if you no longer can drive due to P.D.
if your wife is a driver and has to drive you about ..have a look at being able to
be eligible for mobility allowance with your wife or partner as your driver that would give you a new vehicle.on the road .insurance..maintainence etc if you dont,ask you wont get....I found out belatedly tha a few years ago now my wife
had her hips done prior to which we had great difficulty getting her about ..she would have quaalified for mobility allowance.with me as her driver..
would Have meant a new car on the road all paid for check it out..if you do not ask they will not volunteer the info
Regards to all above all else keep hanging in there easier said than done

Ian (M)
That's what I do. My mobility allowance is paid directly to Motability Ltd and I get a new lease car every 3 years. I am the registered keeper, but my wife's is the only name on the insurance.
I've now booked for a private assesment on 18th July - can't go on the road but they can do all the cognotive and reaction stuff that DVLA will ask for. if everything OK then can send to DVLA and hopefully that wth the GP letter will at least make them do an official assesment.
If I fail the assesment then at least I know to accept it and move on.
Good for you, DB, well done. It's really great to see someone doing something proactive about a predicament, and not just moaning!

Keep us updated, and GOOD LUCK!

Well time for an update
Had to change my assesment date to 27th July because of other commitments, in the meantime GP wrote a letter of suport to DVLA and I also wrote when I sent my licence back offering to take test/assesment etc.
Also having a change with medication to reduce ropinirol and add in co-caeldopa, only been on it a few days but does seem to help.
Last Friday got a letter from DVLA with licence application form and medical questionnaire as a result of GP letter.
So off to the assesment on Wednesday - could only do physical cognotive and reaction times as no licence to drive and as it was private assesment cant get a temporary permit.
Had to go to a place near Coggeshall (East Anglian DriveAbility) about 80 miles away as nearest place won't do private.
It's quite an involved thing, interview with OT to asses physical condition then mmemory and cognotive test and then chat with a driver instructor and a test of reaction times on a simulator.
Passed with flying colours:grin:
They will now write a report which will go to GP and me and I can then send with my aplication form to DVLA - in summary they think I am fit to drive as I fully understand my limitations and able to judge when not to drive. They think the outcome will either be I get refered for a driving assesment or given a restricted licence.
So fingers crossed for next stage - should get report today and can then send it off and see what happens.
Fingers crossed for you.

I am also waiting to hear about the renewal of my driving licence. It is taking ages for them to get back to me. My licence expires end of August, that's the 3 years expired. Never been in this situation before. I think it will be fine it's the waiting that worries me.
I believe I am able to drive and if I thought I was a danger to any other road user I certainly would not drive.
I know that DVLA have to be 100% certain.

Good luck PB