Life after covid booster

Hi, can anyone help ??? Tried my GP, tried 119 , tried emailing Savid Javid ( waste of time) what is happening after our booster shots run out ??? Covid hasn’t gone away and the booster shot isn’t lasting forever??? What are we supposed to do ??? I had my booster in November, so if it last 3 months I’m due to run out of protection if it lasts 6 months then I’m good till April/may but what after this time ??? Xxx

Hi @Angela, :wave:t4:

I can see why you may be confused about the Covid-19 booster vaccine. I would advise you to contact our helpline and speak to an adviser. They’ll be able to put you in contact with Parkinson’s nurse who can support you further on this. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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