Life after DBS issues and long term effects

hi there 

my partner(ex partner now) have been together for 16 years.. he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons over 10 years ago.  Recently it deteriorated so much that we managed to get him to qualify for a DBS operation.  Three weeks after the operation he decided that he no longer wanted to be with me.  Had falling in love with someone he hardly knew.  This news was compounded even more by the fact that six months ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am undergoing surgery, chemo, radio and hormone therapy.  Unfortunately for both of us we were going through this in different countries.. Regardless of the situation and how upset i am currently my question to the forum is are there any other people out there with any information regarding the behaviour of parkinsons patients that undergo DBS.  From my side his personality is different and he is behaving completely differently.  His personality seems to have changed. Even the way he speaks and his sentence pattern has changed.   I have been reading many studies and they all tell me that about 65/70 per cent of DBS patients have issues integrating back into normal life and in particular have problems with partners and or marriages.  and I was hoping the forum could give me some examples of this.. in addition if anyone knows in the long term how the DBS effects patients.  

Any studies or information would be great. 

many thanks 

I had DBS installed in March 2015.  A few minutes ago, asked my wife if my personality had changed since I had the operation.

After a long pause, she said that it seemed that my preexisting personality traits had become more intense.  Secretive, obsessive, rude.

However, we both agreed that what messed me up the most were the Dopamine Agonists.


thanks for that Peter... that does help a bit.  I am just so shocked that after looking after him for so long he the decided to leave.  but maybe that was there all along and now he just felt stronger.  maybe what your wife noticed is what has happened here.  pre exisiting traits have amplified.. thanks again for the reply