Life after DBS

Hi,long time since I’ve been here,
Currently on duo dopa,
Does anyone know if your expected to go back to work after DBS ?
If your not fit to work what benefits are you entitled to?
And after surgery do you need looking after and for how long?, thanks, any info out there I would be very grateful. I

Hi @islaeloise and welcome back! I notice that you haven’t heard from other members about this and hope that you will hear some personal experiences soon. Do talk to your doctor, Parkinson’s nurse or surgeon about your surgery and get specific advice about your ability to work afterwards.

You’ve asked some very important questions. To find out more about rights and benefits read this page. We have a lot of general information about DBS and surgery, including Recovery tips here.

If you need more information, advice or support, don’t forget our helpline on 0808 800 0303 where our advisers are more than happy to talk to you about this.

All the best for your surgery and a speedy recovery,
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Hi there

I was Dx at 42 ……51 now

I had DBS fitted around 3 months ago.
Never really stopped working tbh….was back in work 2 weeks after 1st operation then a week offf after the second op. (1st op to fit the probes 2nd the battery pack )

Feel tonnes better already , big op but well worth it. Already dropped by meds by over half. Was taking 8-10 x 100mg stalevo a day as well as the 4mg Neuro patch. Down to 5 x 75mg stalevo a day with the 4mg patch. Neurologist says that I should end up in a year just on 2-3 sinemet a day as well as the DBS.

Need any more info just ask


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Hi , thanks so much for your reply , it means a lot, I also was dx at 43, now 51,
Just a another quick question, when going for the op , when do they stop your meds and do you not take any more till they switch you on , if so how would I control my dystonia cramping feet .
And do you have a catheter fitted and how painful is that?, thank you

Hi - i had dbs 9/9 - im an Aussie & my doctors do all the surgery at one time. I went in 2 days before - continued meds until the night before - i woke up in Icu & have yet to have any meds. Good luck its a scary thing but for me its been a life changer. Merry Christmas everyone🌈