Life behind the mask

I was diagnosed in April 2017 and am still coming to terms with the frustrations. I wrote this in the early hours and wanted to share these thoughts with you all.

Life Behind the mask

Where does Parkinsons come from
And why did it come for me?
I don’t smoke, do drugs, I try to keep fit!
Enjoy a wine or the odd G&T!

Parkinson’s does not discriminate
Doesn’t care about race, sex or age
It switches off your happy cells
Makes your face freeze like a blank page.

It slows down all your movements
Brain says run but your body says walk
Some have the joy of tremors
Loss of smell and slurred talk.

No cure yet just a gradual decline
Not a killer, so thankful for that.
But a condition you do have to live with
Reliant on meds and Neurologist chat!

I try to be a positive ‘Parkie’
Take my meds, keep mobile and fit
A sense of humour is truly essential
And basically I just try to get on with it

Life in the slow lane does takes some adaption
With family and friends helping keep up the pace
There are worse things out there that can get you.
So I try to enjoy life and keep a smile on my face

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Kerry, hit the nail on the head.

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for writing and sharing this poem, I enjoyed reading it :blush:

I thought I would pop in to let you know that we have the Creative Corner in our forum, you might like to take a look and share your writing with the other poets:

Take care,
Moderation Team.

Hi Kerry.Good poem. And as M says, you would be very welcome at Creative Corner. The more the merrier; perhaps not always merry! EM

Hi Kerry,
Such a good poem!
I’m so sorry for you it must be so hard,
My husband also has PD and was diagnosed August last year ,
Everything you have said in your poem is so true - just the same for my husband and I’m sure all who are living with this disease. X