Lift labs smart spoon

Has anyone heard of or bought this spoon in the uk?

the videos are pretty impressive


It would appear that the spoon is only currently available from America and is quite expensive.  Our local branch is considering purchasing one to trial as although the video looks quite good it is difficult to assess just how effective it might be.  Has anyone else tried one.


             Hello Sarah, a lovely name if you dont mind me saying, my firstborn is called Sarah, Sarah Jane Fedex, I will do that again as it looks more impressive  Sarah Jane Fedex, has a certain ring to it dont you agree,  now, what is a lift labs smart spoon, and does it cure parky  who invented it where is it made  is it better tahan, or even than DUDOPA.coolangelTHIS IS ME AND MY LADY.

                                     Kindest Regards Fedex


Seems ms as if it is a very expensive item that cancels tremors so you can eat without spilling food.

If it works it will be very useful but a lot of money to waste if it doesn't!

Seems we need someone at PDUK to test it.



Hi, I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to post to say that I bought one of these for my Dad and he found it great. I was amazed at how well it worked and he was very please at being able to eat certain food that would have been a problem with tremors. The only trouble is getting them in the UK as I had to resort to ebay as they still don't ship outside the US :( Anyway, I would recommend them for anyone that is considering it and has the means to get one.

Hi all, It's my first time on the Forum and I'm not sure how to navigate around it properly yet. However saw this about 'SPOONS' and thought someone might be able to recommend a useful spoon that I could get for my Mum who has Advanced PD and I think also has PD dementia. She really struggles with eating and swallowing and really the whole process! The Speech and Language Therapist has been really helpful and has suggested that she eats without her dentures, that she eats thick pureed food & drinks thick liquids with a straw. These things do help. As does the advice from the dietician. I've looked at the info. on this website which also helped too.

At present she uses a dycem mat and normal plate/bowl and cutlery (but not terribly well). She uses a thermos mug with lid and we insert a straw. She often gets into a muddle with her cutlery and seems to forget what she's doing, or does unusual things (like she has lost concentration) when she's eating. It's pretty messy. She's often falling asleep at the same time. Eating takes her ages. Sometimes Dad and I help by feeding her, but I'm sure she would prefer to feed herself as much as she could. However she is also very skinny now (and falling and hurting herself too as she has no padding). I want to make life a bit easier for her (and for my Dad too). He's just started ordering some pureed meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods which have saved him some time and effort. Mum also now has fortified drinks twice a day to rack up the calories.

What I'm looking for is a 'useful spoon' for her. She doesn't have tremors but does get tired easily so I'm thinking a light weight one would be best. Also I think it needs to have a smaller 'bowl' size (ideally bigger than a teaspoon but maybe not quite as big as a desert spoon). Also it might be good if it could be angled towards her mouth too. Anyone got any ideas? Also I'm looking for suggestions re. sloping plates/bowls and also 'mugs' that aren't too heavy that she could use with a straw, that don't spill but are easy to keep clean. Names and brands would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to speak to her Occupational Therapist  about this (and many other things too).

I expect I'll be back on the Forum looking for more help, advice, tips and support but thought I'd start here. Lovely people please help a newbie!!!! T

Hi Tricksy,

Welcome to the Forum! If you haven't already, it might be worth having a look in our online shop, as there is a range of Daily Living Aids available:

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Hi Joanne, Thanks for the welcome. Wish I'd discovered this Forum long ago but probably wouldn't have had the time then! I've checked out the online shop and have just placed an order. Thanks for your suggestion - should have thought of that myself - dohh! Think I'm going to order a few different spoons from NRS too - Goodgrip and Ultralite and hopefully one will 'fit the bill'. 

Best wishes, T