Light headed

I find that when I am walking I feel suddenly light headed and so stop to regroup as it were. I can’t describe it any other way but it feels although my head continues to move forward even though I have stopped. Does this ring any bells for anyone? It is a concern as I tend to walk quite lot and would hate to think that it would impact that. I shall try and get hold of the Parkinsons Nurse next week but any comments would be helpful. Thanks everyone

I’m not a medic, so make of this what you will.

I feel dizzy immediately after moderate exercise (in my case, walking 2 miles at 4 mph). I once fainted because of this. But, I can stop it immediately by walking on the spot for about 20 seconds. I put it down to hypotension (low blood pressure). This is a common symptom in PD.

Thanks John. I checked my blood pressure the other day (my brother in law has a machine ) and it was pretty much in line with my usual level, although it has always been on the low side, I will definitely get it checked out by the Nurse at the surgery though.

One of my Dad’s Parkinsons symptoms is orthostatic hypotension. When he goes for his reviews they usually do BP 3 times - sitting, standing, standing after 3 minutes. Also everyone’s BP lowers over night when you sleep so when you first get up you can feel a bit wobbly, especially if you’ve done it quickly.

They recommended to him that he always get up slowly (not like he can go fast anyway!!) and start by wiggling his feet in the chair and also march on the spot for a bit before he sets off.

There are a lot of reasons why your BP might drop on standing though so definitely worth getting it checked.