Lights out

so i've locked the back door, put out the cat and turned off the central heating. i've left the fridge on but emptied out the milk. cancelled the newspapers and redirected the post. that just leaves the burglar alarm and putting the lights out.
shame really, but i suppose its usefullness has come to an end.
alarm on.
lights out.
door locked.
good night.
The driving forces that lay behind the need for geographical relocation are many and varied. Fundementally they are lack of food, shelter or a viable mate. War, famine, tsunami may be the cause of such lack. As can tyrany, persecution, discrimination. Development of human sensibilities and ambitions has added other, perhaps less urgent but nonetheless compelling reasons to "move on" - the prospect of financial or status gain, a perceived improvement in personal well-being, to join a mate who is established elsewhere. Other more negative incentives such as family feuds, quarrels with neighbours, being evicted can be the trigger. Or simply wanderlust. But an individual takes with him/her their own thoughts, feelings, aspirations, prejudices and passions. History has provided us with some idea of the practical and emotiomal consequence of diaspora
Turnip, I’m encouraged that you’ve left the fridge on, but you might have forgotten that the cat is still out. And what about all those left-over ass’s ears? Wherever you are, you’re needed here to keep AB and me (and lots of other people) laughing.

Let’s face it, laughter is the best medicine and I reckon we ALL need to lighten up. And when I say ALL I mean ALL! :disappointed: