Limb distortion

Hi. I was diagnosed in January of this year and my main symptom of PD is quite a bad shake in my right hand. I`ve noticed that my hand now takes on quite a noticable claw appearance. Is this usual?
Hi Pytchley,

From talking with other people with Parkinson's I think clawing of the hand is quite a common symptom. My foot claws too and often looks swollen and discoloured due to circulation being restricted. I find it comes on more when the medication is wearing off or i've not long taken it. Also I find if i've over worked the hand it tends to do this more. Stress and anxiety plays a part too. I find massage helps. I think its due to muscle rigidity, one of the four main symptoms of Parkinson's. Some gentle hand stretching exercises help. You could ask for a referral to physiotherapy. Have you started treatment for your Parkinson's symptoms?

Hi Cutiepie. Thanks for your advice. Am pleased to see its not only me.
Yes. I`ve taken sinimet 125 for some months now and I bought a wii machine a couple of months ago which helped at first but i`ve noticed it coming back recently.

One of the main things i think about this PD is that nobody seems to know or be able to predict where or what your next symptom will be and where it will end.

Itend to think mine has slow progression though so i`m lucky.

I have the tremor in my left hand and get some stiffness and the claw type of holding of my hand ..I have taken up my knitting needles and have started to knit!....and am finding it a great help with those problems..knitting is a challenge and is a positive activity as hopefully there will be a result at the end of the project:grin:
Know what you mean.Ive noticed the same.likened it to looking similar as someone who has had a stroke.The claw like description fits.Got way too much stess going on which cannot be avoided.Seeing an adviser,have got to map out an action plan.
All the best