Limb drifting

Me again, still looking to find anyone else with same symptoms. I have tremors at rest but it is involuntary movements which I find unnerving. After much research I have decided I should describe these movements as drifting. If I stand with my arms at my side they will drift slowly upwards, if I hold them out at shoulder level in front they go sideways and then back with my whole body twisting, the left arm is faster and then they come back to original position. My legs will also do this but not so easy to demonstrate. Again if I stand still my whole body will drift slowly backwards or forwards. I don’t know if I would fall as I correct myself. Standing still is not something I suppose many people do but I noticed this strange happening when trying to see what else would randomly move apart from my fingers. I suppose it’s a dystonic but everything is so slow, no jerking and no pain. I am about to make appointment to see a neurologist again but I feel a bit foolish as I can’t find that this would be symptom of anything neurological. I have seen it described regarding the arms but this involved pronation which my arms don’t do! Any thoughts gratefully received.