Link between a fit and PD?

Hi everyone,

I am sat in hospital awaiting tests after i had a fit on Sat my first one ever and my last i hope. They r doing tests to see if it was anything to do with my pd, because since the fit my left arm tremours as well as my right. Has anyone else had a fit due to pd? it's a bit worrying. Thank goodness for laptops keep my mind occupied. Hope everyone is doing ok Wendy x
Hi Wodsley,
I don't know what happened to you when you had your fit, but I myself had what was described at the time as a fit. What happened in my case was I sort of blanked out at work, I remember leaving the canteen at 9.30am, then the next thing I knew was a Paramedic shining a torch in my eyes, and it was 11am. I was apparently still doing my job, although not to my usual standard, and I was wearing my safety vest under my coat instead of over. Also I worked in a chilled warehouse, and at one stage I only had my T shirt on my top half, apparently I kept my trousers on. Any way looked shocking enough for the Gaffer to phone for an ambulance, I had a heart rate of 150bpm, and was also suffering from an abnormal heart rhythm, which they (Docs) call AF. I was told later by several people that saw me, that I was grey in colour. When my wife arrived I failed to recognise her at first, and I spent the night on a cardio unit. To this day I have not been told what might have caused it, the Cardiologist says it was not my heart, it must be the Brain. The Neurologist says it is not the Brain it is the heart, catch 22.
Incidently I am going to see the cardiologist on Monday, I have in the past year had two what they call Cardio versions. They put you to sleep, attach you to some of those electric pads you see so often on Casulty or Holby city, and give you a few jolts, that briefly stop and then start up the heart again, hopefully in a normal rhythm. As you have worked out by now, both of my goes worked for about two days then reverted back to AF.

Any way I hope you fair better than I did,and if you get any one to say it might have been your PD, write it all down and post it to the PDS.
BOS (PHIL):grin:
Thank you for ur reply, i am so scared that it may happen again, hope your doing ok. I was out for a meal with my work mates when i said to my daughter i feel strange and the next thing i was being asked questions my the paramedics. I had a brain scan and my heart was also fast they came back clear. I am now in the stages of waiting for an mri scan my seizure was for 5 minutes and am just worried about having one whilst driving because it came on so sudden, the doctors said i may never have another one. The seziure has affected my pd condition my right arm tremours all the time which it didnt before and my left shoulder and arm twitch every now and then. Wendy x

Have never had a fit, but I have gone into a PD "trance" at the wheel several times and had to pull over - a couple of times on the motorway hard shoulder. In March I surrendered my driving licence for safety's sake, after 42 years (and with 24 years' no-claims!), and adjusting to not being able to drive has been hard.

Suggest you prepare for that day. It may be years away yet, but it changes your life!

I hope i can drive for a long time yet,as i am only 47 and live alone and rely on driving to get to work. Sorry to hear u had to give it up but u know in ur own mind that its the right thing to do. My dad had pd at 65 he also gave up driving the dvla still gave him his licence, but for his own and others saftey he stopped, he also found it dificult he said its was like taking his legs from him.Thanks for ur reply take care Wendy x
Wodsley, I have had one other similar episode to the one I wrote about, I am unsure if there is any connection to PD, I would say not as in my case I have a dodgy heart. Incidently on that score I went to see my cardiologist the other day, and I may need to go to Glenfield the Heart Hospital for an operation, that is if they cannot get it under control with drugs. Incidently yet again, you mention a fast heart, that is what I have as well, and also an unsteady rhythm that in "MEDICALISE" the Docs call it AF (Atrial fibrillation). This has unfortunately damaged other areas of my heart now, and is why they are thinking of operating.
I would also like to add, I did a speech at the recent Young persons event at Eastwood hall, and I happen to mention in my speech that I had an heart in AF. Well afterwards I had about 4 different people come up and say they suffered with the same condition. So out of about 100 people, 5 of us had the same heart problem. I mentioned this some where on this forum, and asked if any one else had the same problem. It appears I only had one reply, and the people from the conference never got in touch again. So I passed the question on to my cardologist, and being young and eager he said he would put a little research time into it.
Hope you stay free of the fits in future, I know they can be a bit frightening when you come to, and the scene around you has all changed.
Good Luck
Bos aka Phil:grin: