List of symptoms for doc

Hi all I read that it is a good idea to make a list of symptom Observed by myself and others to give to the neurologist When I see him to review my datscan. It may help him in his dx As anyone done this and if so what reaction did they get

Hellor again nevbar :D

I did this when i was admitted into preston nerlogical centre, and they bassically will run you through a full physical eg. making you walk a certain distance turn around walk back, then move your limbs testing for ridgitlity (cant spell lol) then if theres mental issues such as memory loss etc they will test that. 

Its a very good idea to tell him/her everything as they will know whats parkinsons and whats something else, and they will treat everything as a professional so even if you have depression its worth telling them. their reaction will be only to help you. 

Best of luck 

Thanks silentwolfe I will post the outcome after the consultation This is the beauty of the forum there is always someone who's had a similar experience