Little versus Large

There's a riddle that goes:

I Can Run But Not Walk, Have A Mouth But Can’t Talk, And A Bed, But I Do Not Sleep.

For some of us that neatly captures a bit of the hourly impact Parkinson's has on us.

Add in:

I can roar, whisper and possibly even sing but not have a fluent conversation 

I can be rapid in movement but cannot climb without assistance.

I can freeze and be locked but be a source of fun and danger at the same time.

I can appear shallow but have hidden depths


I've run my river analogy dry now.

My tremors force tired eyes into closing but I rarely rest more than an hour at a time.

This post was inspired by the way that my walk with my wife and grand daughter was a series of slow shuffles in between 10 second proper runs to catch up.

Why can I not do little things only to appear perfectly fit a second later doing the large stuff.  It's almost embarrassing and no wonder that Parkinson's is so misunderstood.


Would you really expect carer's and loved ones of PwP (or anyone come to that) to fully understand this pox. For that to happen, they would have to have the darned thing, and we wouldn't wish that on anyone, would we? Stay strong Kendo.