Live the other things

Living with Parkinson's disease can become "Parkinson's and etc"; the sole focus can be the corners and dead ends of the disease. But life doesn't stop when you are diagnosed; it changes your focus for sure but there is still space for you. Stretch into the space and don't forget to live that etc!

dr jonny

Dear Dr Jonny,

                         Do you have letters after your name. If not you should have. In a few short sentances you have hit the nail right on the head. First thought on diagnosis was that's my life down the tubes. Settled down after a week or so and sought help. Have never needed councelling in my life before.

Parkinson's?.......It will not ruin my life. what I can when I can. Don't stop because of it. Try it, do it, if not adjust it. 

It takes time to adjust and frustartion is cured by a damn good curse when I hit my thumb with the hammer.

One thing I would say to everyone is there are people out there who will help with the hammer. Seek them out.