Living and Loving life with Parknson's

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Living and Loving life with Parknson’s

Obviously these views are very debatable depending which stage your parkinsons is at.

It is 20 years since I was disgnosed, Since being diagnosed – some of mu achievments include gaining a BSc from the Open University, completed over 31 uears service as a Police Officer - 16 of then after being diagnosed. I have receyved over a dozen Chief Constable’s commendations, had 4 books of poetry published and I was awarded with the Queen’s Police Medal which was presented to me by Her Majesty Herself.
I know it’'s not easy - but I can provide lots o[f evidence to support my belief that a positive outlook to life makes living with this condtion easier.


Hywel, having a positive outlook on life and to be able to poke fun at yourself is the way to go. I have done this since diagnosis six and a half years ago. To make people laugh with you helps to break the stigma attached to Parkinsons, for them to see that there is no reason for them to cast you aside and not be your friend anymore as I have read in a lot of instances on here recently, goes to show that those people weren’t worth bothering with in the first place. I am fortunate that my friends have been supportive as have the Members at my Bowls Club. They are aware of my condition and I haven’t seen any of them shy away. One friend who we have known for many years revealed to us that he had been diagnosed with Parkinsons and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I also had the condition. So, much discussion ensued and this has given him the confidence to take the disease head on and persue the career that he loves and is very successful at it and is also a regular Fund Raiser for the Charity.


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Really inspired me reading this i was diagnosed 2014 and i have only just come to terms with it i am now creating a new life with Parkinson’s included. It’s not easy but then life isn’t always easy !!

I now paint and whats funny i don’t shake or experience a tremor when painting!! so don’t focus on the Parkinsons focus on life and Park the Parkinson’s !!

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Good on you Dave, like me you have an interest outside of Parkinsons and you are able to forget it exists. More power to your painting arm.


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Thank you all for your positive comments. I have no wish to uoset anyone but a positive outlook on life has been the biggest factor in helping me to cope wth Parkinson’s ann your comment mean a lot to me,
Hywel Griffiths Q.P.M.