Living with Parkinson’s


My name is Geoff, I am 57 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011 .


Hi Geoff. I’m 57 and was diagnosed in jan 2018


hi guys im janice i was diagnosed christmas eve 2008 age 44. im hoping to get my works pension in september when i turn 55 because i had to finish up at work 4 years ago when my condition worsened and ive been living on fresh air ever since. i know fresh air is good for you but you cant buy a new outfit on it. i consider myself to be lucky as i think my disease is slow progression. i hope so anyway.


I was approaching fifty and really enjoying my life
Three great kids, good job and loving wife
I noticed a slight tremor and ache in my shoulder
At first I ignored it, thinking “I’m just getting older “
But after a few months the ache and tremor were still there
So I went to see my GP without a worry or care
He booked me in for an MRI ,and after an anxious wait
The consultant called me in and told me my fate
“The scan has confirmed that you have Parkinson’s disease
Words that brought my world crashing to my knees
After getting over the initial shock, on google i went
To try to find out what the diagnosis meant
I soon discovered that this was a very bad idea
As all it did was was to fill me with much dread and fear
So rather than getting depressed and feeling sorry for myself
I got on with my life and forgot all about my health
The first few years really weren’t that bad
I used various tricks to disguise what I had
But the tremor increased as did other symptoms one by one
Living with Parkinson’s really wasn’t much fun
Aching body, difficulty writing and swallowing, it all creeps up on you
And to top it all, there’s even trouble going to the loo
My mates call me “shaky “ and are constantly taking the piss
But funnily enough I’m absolutely fine with this
I exercise daily at the gym and stay as active as I can
And of positive thinking and optimism I am a big fan
I concentrate on what I can do and not what I can’t
I smile and keep my patience, as I would talking to an irritating aunt
Although this condition is progressive and somewhat cruel
The more you let it depress you, the more you give it fuel
Despite the recent disappointment of the GDNF trial
We must try to remain positive and every day smile
So my message to all of you out there who suffer from PD
don’t let it get the better of you and the easier your life will be


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Hi Roy . How are you feeling about your diagnosis? Have you told your friends and family ? Are there any questions you would like to ask me.