Living with Parkinsons

I must be one of the 'lucky' ones. I was diagnosed 5 years ago although I was sure some time before that I had it. I wasn't very lucky at the beginning as my first consultant prescribed Sinemet from which I had terrible side effects. I moved on and the second guy was just as bad. My third attempt was a miracle I was prescribed Azilect 1mg once daily, symmetrel 100mg once daily and a massive 1200mg
dose of CoQ10 which I take 600mg twice daily and obtain from the USA as you cannot obtain this dosage in the UK. I am pleased to say that this regime has not changed. My consultant is a very caring and compassionate man and I am very comfortablewith him. My left hand shakes only when I am extremely tired or stressed and my writing has become appalling. My biggest problem is that my walking can be very bad at times rather as if I was drunk. If I stay as I am for another 5 years I will say thank g-d.
hiya welcome to puk forum:smile:im ali,ive been dx for 11 years and im 42 years old:smile:there is lots of surport on here and good freinds to be made:smile:im on sinemet and mirpexon for my pd,have been on others in the past but had bad side effects to them:rolling_eyes:i think we are all different and react in different ways,unless we try the drugs were not to no how we will react:smile:ihope to see you around the forum x:smile:
Welcome and glad you have found a good consultant and unlocked the secret of what medication works for you. Keep on chatting on here.
Hiya and welcome to the forum I am relatively new here myself and have found the best thing is talking to people who understand, my main issue is pronounced left side tremor and taking slow release ropinehrol (requip) I hope you remain fit and well and like you if I stay like this for the next 5yrs I will be happy. :grin:
Hello Alexandra and welcome, I'm sure that you will benefit from the forum where you will find lots of support and advice. Ive been dx for about 11 years now and I retired on ill health grounds about 4 years ago. My condition has shown a rapid deterioration over the last 6 months however I do my best to remain positive and I am fairly active in as much as this damn condition allows.

I hope to see you around the forum