Living with PD as a gay man in his 50s

Hello readers, I'm 56 and had a Parkinsons diagnosis 4 years ago. Like so many of you I knew something wasn't quite right and full praise goes to my GP for insisting I go to get checked out by Neurology.. I am pain free, if a little stiff in the morning and my main annoyances are a tremor in my right hand, and some issues with walking properly.

I am a gay single man with little / no family left and live alone. Whilst I am a positive person and, even though I say it myself, coping remarkably well under the circumstances, it is a daunting existence that lies ahead, and it would be nice to make contact with others, especially other gay men with PD, who will perhaps have to battle with similiar issues as me. Please feel free to contribute on this thread or message me directly.

With kind regards


Hello Andy - welcome to the forum. There are a couple of other similar threads from the last couple of years that people have replied to, so you may want to take a look at those - there may be people there that you'd like to get in touch with.

Best wishes - and I hope this helps.



Hi Andy - Welcome - like everyone on this forum it is a daunting experience thinking about the future and what lies ahead. But we all seem to cope in our own way - some more than others I might add. You will find a lot of info and meet some very helpful people on this forum, who have had parkinsons for years. I am pleased you are feeling positive at the moment, keep it up. I read you are on your own, maybe you can contact your local parkinsons group if there is one near to where you live for chats etc,. 

Regards Sheila

Hi Andy

Just found your post. Feel similar to you in many ways and have yet to meet other gay men with Parkinsons. i'm happy to have a chat if you are up to that. I'm in West Yorkshire. where are you. Happy New Year! Paul


Sorry to join the discussion thread so late, just wondered if you had seen a recent Parkinson's UK website news article.  There are online pilot self-management groups starting soon.  One of the groups is for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and/or transgender.  You can find out more by emailing [email protected] or have a look at the news story

Best wishes