Lloyds Bank Community Fund awards 2014

Has any other local branch of PUK been successful in being shortlisted for this award?

Our branch is one of the final 4  nominees in our area. Even if we get no votes we are guaranteed £500 in 4th place, but, if we do better, we could get £3000 in first place, £2000 in 2nd place and £1000 in third place.

Look at the Lloyds Bank Community Fund website and see if a branch in your area has been successful too.

I will be posting, when voting opens next month, on how you can vote for our branch online or via  SMS, and Twitter, if you do not have a local branch that is in the running for an award.

If you DO have a local branch  in your area on the short list then post how we can also vote for you.




Again, any other branches been successful in being in the final 4 in their area???

Just bumping this thread as it seems to have flatlined.

I wonder if PUK can advise local branches, VIA THE FORUM, on  which companies provide such grants??


This sounds interesting


Voting has opened today for the Lloyds bank Community Fund awards, and will close on October 10th.

If there are no groups who have been successful in being selected for a community fund award in your area then would you consider casting a vote for us?

To vote on line go to     www.lloydsbank.com/communityfund

Enter the postcode SA15 to  find us OR search Parkinsons UK Llanelli Branch.

A, 'vote for us' button will appear, just remember to open the confirmation e mail and click on 'vote 'so that your vote is registered.


You can also vote by SMS:    VOTE LXC to 61119

On Twitter you can vote using the hash tag symbol followed by COMMFUND  LXC




Hi EF, yes it is interesting that there a funds out there as long as you jump through a few hoops to apply.

A lot of form filling on the use of any monetary award, why an award is needed, who will benefit, how it will benefit the group and the local community, and I fully expect a follow up to see how any monies have been used, BUT, a guaranteed £500 for a couple of hours work is worth it.

I'm waiting the outcome of another application, fingers crossed.

A quick link to voting online  without having to search for our group.idea



Perhaps Admin. could make it a clickable link, otherwise just copy and paste.

Thanks Admin. for making the link clickable. I will keep bumping this thread whilst voting is open so be prepared for many bumps in the next weeks!

I posted the link on how to vote for free on line both on here and on another forum,  a forum which has nothing to do with Parkinsons, and have had a great response with people voting on line and via SMS, which costs them a small sum of money,10p,some also posting the FB link for us to gain votes.

Has anyone on this forum  pressed the vote button yet?


I am seriously under whelmed at the response to this my post on the national PUK forum.


Today I e mailed all the information and support officers within   200 miles of us. I have already recieved apositive response from one   of the ISW's.


I have e mailed friends and family, some friends have put the link to vote for our branch on Facebook.


Yet again, not even a response from Admin as to    how to promote     this nomination for our very successful branch.


Disillusioned with thisforum.


I voted for you!

31 voting days to go


Hi benji,
The best way to find out how to promote this is to contact your regional fundraiser. The Llanelli Branch’s contact would be Philippa Davies, and we’ve forwarded your link to her.
In general, if branches want to know what other grants are available in their area they can also contact the regional fundraiser. You can find out who to contact on our website. 
There are 5 local groups taking part in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund awards 2014, you can see them if you search ‘Parkinson’s or on this page.
Best wishes,

Thank you Sophie, very, very, much.

Thanks also for forwarding the link to Philippa.

I am off now to vote for all the other Parkinsons  groups that have been successful. Hopefully they will also vote for us! I had only searched groups in Wales; very glad to hear that there are others in the uk.



We were awarded £2000, coming second with 32.1% of the vote, narrowly missing out on first place who had 32.6% of the vote.

Congratulations to you and the branch benji. Well done!

Thanks Ezinda, shame about the lack of response, apart from yours, on the forum, and I'm sure that HO knew about our success  but it still took me to post before eliciting a reply.

I really thought that promoting this would encourage other groups to.... go for it, next year.Their loss for the sake of some form fillling. Surely this is one of the reasons for a forum, sharing?