Local Group Inactivity

I used to attend my local group meetings before the pandemic. Then they stopped. I have recieved no invitations to Zoom or other online gatherings. I have had no information about them restarting. Then I get a magazine full of uplifting stories and bright advice, but no human contact.
Anybody got any good advice?

Hi Strat,
You’re certainly not alone in experiencing disconnection during this unusual time in history. To add to the advice that you’re soon to receive from our awesome community, we would recommend calling our helpline at 0808 800 0303. One of the many services offered (free, and confidentially) from our amazing advisers is to find local groups and activities for PWP and carers/family. Please don’t hesitate to reach out as they are always happy to assist.
Best wishes,
Mod Team

Thanks Jason I’ll follow your advice up.

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