Local research meeting

Hi I attended a meeting of the SW area RSN last Wednesday which aims to work locally to improve conditions for research and here is a summary of the main points: subjective but what I thought was important.

SW area meeting of the RSN Parkinson's Disease Society
the Holiday Inn Taunton
25th Jan 2012

Discussed the importance of reaching the many sufferers outside the RSN and local branches to disseminate information and encourage volunteers to take part in research projects.

Best outcomes were those when clinical care and research occurred at the same location with the same staff and resulted in better outcomes for both.

We need to find links between patients and research teams so researchers get the volunteer that they need and patients get a chance to be involved.

The number of PD sufferers per head of population is expected to rise significantly in the next 10 years increasing the time and cost to the NHS.

Research needs to become a core NHS function with opportunities to take part being a default position.

There could be local lists of volunteers for the clinical research network to consult DENDRON in the SW were setting up a register

Examples of innovative treatments were growth factors which could help with tremor and balance and neurorestorative remedies

Parkinsons UK has an ambitious 5 year research plan investing £4.7 m on new research

Important ways members could help were by raising funds, participating in research, raising awareness and helping shape research projects

M B 30th January 2012