Local Welfare Advocate

Yesterday I was interviewed by Phil and Eorran at central office in regard to the above mentioned role.

And a while later I had an email offering me the post in regard to the Lincoln area.

To say I am chuffed is an under statement I am over the moon. Of course i have accepted this position, helping others struggling with this sort of thing or even their dx is what keeps me focused…

My Thanks to Phil and Eorran  for your faith in me looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kind Regards. Karen Missenden BB


Congratulations Karen, I'm sure it'll be a very rewarding role.


Well done, i get the feeling they'll be a big need for the job title.

Thanks Karen, that's lovely! We're really pleased to have your help in Lincoln, you are already doing some fantastic work to support our campaigns.


great news karen ,its nice to know we have you fighting are corner.

Thank you all of you I am so pleased I can't wait to start.

If I had been told years ago that I would be going around advising people about anything I would have told you you were crackers as I was a much more selfish person then.

Being DX with PD has changed me and my mind set now is spreading awareness and helping others so although I really did not want PD not that any one does at least some good can come from it no matter how negative it can make me feel some days,


Hi BB that's brilliant news for you. I wish you all the best in this special role that you have taken on, we need so many more people like you to give the much needed guidance and advice, and also the chance to spread the awareness of this terrible 'disease' fior want of a better word. I agree with you, none of us wanted this PD, but we have to try and keep focusing on life and battle through.

Regards and best wishes in all that you do - Sheffy  

Fantastic news! Lovely to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak!! Really enjoy our telephone chats and hope to come to Lincoln, in the not too distant future.

Twinks. x

Thanks Shefinn,

Your good wishes and support mean a lot to me and I feel that all in all I am well known by the members of this forum even though some prefer anonymity and that's fine I have always been an open book in regards to having PD and also people knowing what I look like on here.

At the end of the day It come's down to personal choice, you all know I will give this role my very best shot because that is what I do with everything I take on.

So if anyone needs some help it does not matter to me where you are I will do my best for all.


Respectfully BB xx

thanks twinks xx

Congratulations.  Lincoln is my maternal family name. Great to hear your'e not going to restrict yourself to 'local advocacy for local pwp'.  

Your guidance on the forum is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Hi BB, congrats on this very worthwhile post you've accepted.  Well done! You have helped me from when I first joined of which I've appreciated so much. You have good experience, a good sense of humour and a real ability to communicate. Go for it girl!!!! Xx

Good for you bb :-))    

  Live well. Cc

Thanks Kendo Lexi and CC I really appreciate all your support and good wishes.

 Karen,,sorry getting back to you days later .. just read your post,obviously new here but have noticed by your own experinses the incouragement ,and time youve given,albeit not all with....umm?(let me think).. paticular grace...big grin but with your no beating around the bush attitude which people need and get listened to,and what i personally find spot on.....Good on you ,Go for it and Good luck...from mike (a scaffolder..with no paticular grace ) big grin

thanks mike you have me to a tea,

regards K