Locked in syndrome

Morning All

I have just watched a piece on the BBC news about a man with Locked In Syndrome. In contrast to the man who was requesting the right to die last week, this man was happy, positive and had no desire to die any time soon.
He was extremely pleased to still be around to watch his three sons grow up and was shown laughing and smiling with his carers. I don't doubt that he has his dark moments but what a fantastically positive role model.
Parkinson's pales into insignificance in comparison to what this man and his family have gone through. I can still walk, talk, feed, clothe and cleanse myself. Today my glass is most definitely half full.

And now that poor man has died. Virtually starved himself to death. It has reopened the long running controversy over the right to die (assisted suicide). Should it be legalised or would that be the thin end of the wedge so to speak. There is no easy answer.
Yes, we should all count our blessings.