Logic behind Controlled release tablets


I have difficulty sleeping at night (diagnosed with PD 8 years ago).I wake up with tremors every couple of hours. My consultant has prescribed 2 x half sinement CR 25mg/100mg (together) at bedtime.

What is intended is for me to sleep longer. Logic dictates that I get twice the “hit” for the same duration.

Can anyone comment on this.



Hi Jeremiah,

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We have an entire ‘Sleep’ section on the Parkinson’s website that goes into detail about tremors that you may find useful. You can find this information here.

In addition to this, you can speak to a Parkinson’s specialist via our helpline on 0808 800 0303 who will be able to offer advice and support on any concerns that you may have.

I hope you find the information above useful and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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I was diagnosed in 2010 two years after having a triple heart bypass which was not especially effective. I mention this because my sleep was already disrupted by the time of my PD diagnosis. When I asked my GP for ‘sleeping tablets’ he was reluctant because of their addictive nature. However, knowing that codeine makes me drowsy he was prepared to prescribe this for night-time use on the basis that it is less addictive. It does help me, but it comes with a huge cautionary note. As time goes by the effectiveness diminishes - it takes longer to have an effect and doesn’t last as long, and it goes without saying that it requires considerable self-discipline. I don’'t use it every night (!!!) and I never ever use it during the day. This would not be appropriate for everyone, and I suspect that a number of readers will be horrified at the prospect. However, we live with an extreme condition and I offer the information in good faith as it may be of help to someone else.
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yes it does sound stupid. perhaps they meant to say take the second half when you wake up? no harm trying that. cheers