London Working Age Support Meetings

I have long wondered why groups for younger age people appear to be thriving around the country but are virtually non existent in London. Yes there are groups that welcome all ages but not many that hold meetings in the evenings.

Recently a new group met for the first time in Wandsworth thanks to the dedication and hard work of Kate whose father has PD. Of the 13 there 4 had pd, 4 were supportive family members, 2 PUK volunteer organisers, 2 were PUK staff and one other i think came with the staff. It seems there are a number of organisational matters to attend to before the group can start. The Health and safety venue risk assessment was completed. I have just looked at it, interesting reading. I like question 45 - does it appear if all carpeted floors vacuumed regularly (sic).

I do hope the group grows and thrives and rules and PUK oversight sits lightly. And i still dont know why inner London lacks young peoples groups, any ideas?