Lonely in a crowd?

Does anyone else feel lonely even if they have got family and friends around?
Is this the meds or PD ?

I also feel that I don’t want to be around a lot of people.

I certainly understand that

I can relate to that feeling also, and feel more at ease being in the company of others who have parkinsons


Take a look through the creative section, often appears. We are like troops returning from the trenches, only those that have been there know our truth

Nicely put!

I find myself looking at the crowd, hoping to find another fellow PD traveler (I was going to say sufferer but that’s too negative).
Yesterday I went to a Craft Fair and was siting waiting for the wife to return with the coffee. I watched a lady reaching out to take her coffee. The violent tremble was there to see. I am not alone even here I thought.

I used to be the one getting the coffees but after a close call last week, the wife prefers to have me guard the seats instead.

The biggest shock I had was Friday. We had a visit from some religion peddlers. The ones who go around in pairs.
“No thanks” I said.
“Have you got Parkinson’s?” one asked.
He then told me that his friend in the car was a sufferer too.

We are everywhere.


More than I ever imagined.

Sitting in the car… sounds familiar

This resonates with me, I work in a call centre, for now at least, my third call ever sounded miserable, had lost all hope for the future… things will pick up, says I, You will see. No they won’t he replied, nobody employs people with Parkinson’s. I then, against the rules, informed him that they do, and I was proof.

I hope, whoever he was, got something, but I do know for a day at least I was able to give him hope, you could hear that much in his voice

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wow, i never thought to ascribe this to PD, I thought it was just me. I find it really tough joining in, making “small talk”. Well that helps a little!

I think everyone who inputs something or reply’s to a question or a thought in this forum helps someone even if it’s not to the person they are replying to.
I have learned so much from reading many of the topics and have been inspired from the honest truth people have shared with each other. I hope that many of you gain strength to fight PD as I have from reading and sharing feelings and knowing that even though we sometimes feel alone we have something there together to inspire us xx