Long term drugs

Good morning, I been  taking drugs since I was 16yrs old the first encounter was to combat Meniers Disease surely one of natures most wicked weopons with which to beat us too are knees I have   also recently discovered that one of the drugs is connected to early onset of Parkinsons, I was taking these medicines from 1965 until 1998  and from 1998 I have tried every anti PD drug in the cabinet, plus I was taking drugs to help me sleep ,to help with going the loo so many times what I a m trying to say is this, the intake of powerful drugs over so many years 50yrs to be precise , some of them mind altering  , could this cocktail of drugs have had  a hand in causing PD in me, I do remember the side effects were very bad but had to take them to stop the world spinning round, I  know there is no way of knowing but there was not the level of knowledge avalable around  the 60s. Is there anyone out there who is of the same opinion, oh and if you bring in pesticides, sheep dip" ORGANOPHOSPHATES  plus the toxic enviornment  of they heavy plant industry Its hardy suprising I have PD  also I have NAIL PATTELA syndrome , split finger nails broad square kneecaps and kidney pain I know some of you who have proven to be great friends , may have these similar symtoms or may be dicovering them, isnt nature wonderful folks in its wonders to perform

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