Long term side effects of levodopa

New evidence suggests that clinical testing for neuropathy in patients with Parkinson's disease receiving long-term levodopa therapy may be advisable.

New findings show that neuropathy is more prevalent in 'patients with Parkinson's disease, and point to a potential link with vitamin B12 deficiency and cumulative levodopa exposure.

"The description of the increased prevalence of neuropathy in Parkinson's disease is recent and remains controversial," acknowledge the investigators led by Yusuf Rajabally, from the University Hospitals of Leicester in the United Kingdom. "Precise underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms implicated also remain debated as are the aetiologies and consequences of neuropathy in this population."

These new results support an increased neuropathy prevalence in Parkinson's and "suggest the practical value of measuring vitamin B12 levels in levodopa-treated patients with PD, for whom serial clinical assessments for neuropathy appear justified. Trials of prophylactic replacement therapy may now require consideration."
Hi, this is not exactly relevant but I wanted to pick your brains regarding iron deficiency in people with Parkinson's. I have just had some blood tests to try and discover why I might wake up at night feeling breathless. I thought it could be lack of dopamine, but now I'm wondering if it's linked to the iron deficiency and red blood cells / oxygenation etc. Thanks. Sally.
Do you get breathless at any other time . Myhusband does when under stress .

He also mouth breaths his mouth drops open . especially at night which causes him sleep apneoa ???? and hyperventilation ..
Back to Vit B .. The doctor has recently done a blood test for vitb for my husband I will get an appt in the new year to ask more about it .