Looking and feeling ill

Is it usual in Parkinson's that aside from the obvious symptoms PwP have days/hours where they look pale and ill and actually feel quite ill?

Could it be a pre-medication thing, typical even on medication or something else entirely?

Basically what I'm asking is do you regularly feel and look unwell? :neutral_face:

Hi Rebekah8 Ive been diagnosed for 12 years now and I often have days when I feel unwell and I am unable to put my finger on any direct proble and my husband often tells me I'm looking quite pale. Sometimes on these occasions if I check my blood pressure it's quite low but I also think that the symptoms of this condition can really get people down and it is those days that present unidentifiable symptoms. I can only say this from my personal experiences of course others may totally disagree.


I often have days when I get up feeling 'Ill', but no definite symptoms, and sometimes feel so lethargic, that I feel this might be my last day. I crave for a bit of 'get up and go'.The day usually gets better and then I am mad at myself for wasting time.There are some days however (not many) when I get up feeling quite good.

Hello yes I often feel ill but not sure whether I m in the minority. Have spoken to several people at our local group who don t feel like this.My answer is to go out in the fresh air if possible and walk for a while. Doesn t always work but no side effects. Also have times when I feel quite good. Not related to timing of meds maybe just dopamine levels.

Best wishes


I am still learning to drive this condition but my impression is that almost anything can and is attributed to Mr P. Don't rule out a visit to your local GP.

Thanks guys for your replies, they're really helpful. Tuesday is D-Day for me. Found out today that one of my nan's sisters had PD, also her other sister's daughter and she had lewy-body dementia...is this a genetic link or too remote?