Looking for advice as I feel lost !


My dad has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s after 7 months of us being told he had depression and anxiety, he’s had 4 different types of anti depressant and ended up in hospital twice, last time they referred to elderly care then neurology and last week he started rasagiline tablets… he’s lost loads of weight, has become very frail, anxiety all the time and can’t sleep, can anyone help? My Mam is struggling she’s with him 24/7 she’s 73 he’s 80 on Saturday, I’m in tears most days as I don’t know how to help


Hi Lynne istrongly suggest you ring the forum helpline number at top of page or if you have a parkinsons nurse contact them you really need specialist advice ring asap hope this helps good luck and best wishes


Hi Lynne

I agree with Peter about contacting the helpline and finding a parkinson’s nurse it they’re available in you area - they can be immensely supporting and helpful.

I think rasagiline takes a bit of time for the effects to kick in and it may help with the anxiety. I get a lot less anxious than I used to though I’m not sure whether that’s the rasagiline or possibly the vitamin supplements I take. I hope he can find something that helps soon.



I will phone the help line on my lunch as I’ve just rang home and my Mam said that it’s yook her an hour to get dad up washed and dressed again, but everything you say to him he has a negative slant on it?
I’ve read about other medication people are on, wonder if this is something dad could take as he says he has no sleep on a night, he takes 0.5 of lorazepam for this but I don’t think it helps?



I have rang the help line and there is no PD nurse in the area as yet, they said they are waiting to appoint someone … also didn’t know how to reply to all as I have t got the hang of this


I think you reply to all by using the big blue button at the bottom rather than the one immediately below the message but I’m not sure it makes much difference as the message is visible to everyone anyway.

Sorry to hear your area has no PD nurse and I hope the helpline was able to give you more useful information



hi lynbo 25 if there is not a PK nurse in your area try your mum’s GP or failing that find out who the social worker is for that area, I know some people don’t like contacting the social work but when my mum was fail she really did help. Keep asking us for advice I’m sure some one will help you sooner than later, have you rang “Parkinson’s” UK, not sure what the telephone is, but check it out,


I think you should get a social services assessment, for which you contact your local authority.

Both my parents had mobility problems and dementia. First my dad had PD with Lewy bodies, then a few years after his death, my mum started developing Alzheimer’s. We never received any financial assistance with care from social services; my parents were not eligible because they had good pensions. But, I did find the advice from social services invaluable.

They got an Occupational Therapy assessment and adaptions were made to my parents’ bungalow free of charge: this happened twice, once for my dad, then once for my mum when she’d moved home nearer to me.

They also advised on agencies for carers, and on care homes.

My mum continued looking after my dad, with help from carers, until his death, without him ever needing to go into a care home, but she could not have done it on her own.