Looking for advice on Parkinson’s and Lewis body dementia please


Hello I am new to this group. My mam has Parkinson’s and was diagnosed with Lewis body dementia a year ago. As a family we are finding this very difficult to comprehend and are looking for and help and advice we can get to help our beautiful Mam xx she has been confused and forgetful for a long time but the last 2 weeks she has stated seeing people and having conversations with things we can’t see bless her . Please if anyone has any guidance for us xx


Hi Janjan. A very warm welcome to the forum!

We’re sure that other members here will have plenty of sound advice for you and your family, but we wanted to let you know that you can always give our helpline a call and speak to one of our advisers. They have extensive knowledge on all Parkinson’s related matters and can be reached on 0808 800 0303.

Best Wishes,

Tom A, Moderation Team


Thank you so much I have been looking for a forum and thank god ive found you