Looking for Greek Parkinsons patients



My stepdaughter-in-law's mother was diagnosed with PD about one year ago.  She lives in Athens, Greece where there appears to be no support groups for PD.  She has asked me to try to find someone on this site who is in a similar early stage PD to herself, who preferably is Greek or is fluent in Greek.  This is simply because although her English is ok she is certainly not fluent.  She is middle aged, and at times very frightened by the onset of PD and agrees that it may help her if she had a fellow PD patient to whom she could talk.  Her family and I can sympathise but we can not possibly fully understand how she feels, and we believe it would help her psychology greatly if she could talk to someone in a similar position to her.


So, are there any of you out there who can help, or are in a similar position to her?  Perhaps you even live in Athens yourself, and are similarly frustrated by the lack of any support groups here in Athens.


Kind regards to you all...Paul.