Looking for someone else in Sussex

I live in Portslade, looking for a friend who lives in Sussex, hopefully not too far from me who I can talk/meet upto help me through this early stage of my PD diagnosis...I dont know anyone right now with PD.  Thank you in advance.  "Het"

Hi Het

Welcome to the forum. 

There is a Brighton and Hove branch of Parkinson's UK that meets in West Hove, so not too far from you. I visited once a while ago and they are a great bunch. You can more information about the group, details about meeting and contacts on this website at http://bit.ly/1ksV8ia.

I hope this helps,


Thank you for your help.  I am going to a group in a few weeks in Hove, I think that must be the one.  My Parkinsons Nurse today told me he is trying to get a Pilates class going in this area.  I do need to exercise and have been wondering where to start.  I love to dance and really want to continue that forever!  Always been my passion and have a talent for that.