Loosing words

Hi all

I am a little worried about something that seems to happen every now and then, it may be nothing and it may be quite normal, being 51 years of age.

Just briefly as I said now 51 and diagnosed nearly 6 years until recently worked in a professional capacity in the NHS looking for part time post now.

I was completing a job application form and I just could not think of the word 'compare' I knew what I wanted to say but do you think the word would come and I nearly got very upset about it.

This has happened before its usually a descriptive word I'm searching for nothing clever or diverse but the harder I think the less likely it comes. Then I feel it's getting more and more frequent that I do it.

Am I being a bit dramatic about this ? has anyone else had the same? Going to neuro next week think I might run it past him if I remember the words ha ha
eg compare=Hello newdidit

No, I do not think you are being over dramatic. I am 56, dx 3 years ago but told I had probably had pd for some 5-10 years. I often find myself "searching" for a word - I know perfectly well what it is but it just will not come out of my mouth. It is frustrating. Rather than "go around the houses", I try to take a break from thinking about the darned word and it usualy comes to me.
I would suggest that you put this particular problem of yours in writing and hand it to your neuro. I think that you will find that it is not an uncommon problem for pwp

I wish you all the best - and remember, there are usually alternative words that are equally acceptable eg compare = liken to?

I'm 61, and was dx in 2000 at age 50. However with the advantage of hindsight I can now see symptoms going back to age 20, i.e. for 30 years prior to dx. The symptoms seem to have generally increased over time in steps (rather than as a straight line graph), in line with major traumas in my life such as deaths, redundancy or divorce.

Memory loss is very common with PwP, both short-term and long-term, in fact it is probably the norm for us - it would be unusual NOT to have problems in this area, and it can be expected to worsen over time. However PD patients seem to suffer from short-term problems disproportionately when compared to other groups. For my own part I started noticing a deterioration a couple of years ago, but over the past 2 to 3 months it has become considerably worse.

I "lose" the word I want (just as you describe it above) probably a dozen times a day, and this can happen both whilst typing or when in conversation. My wife now recognises when my speech is faltering, and why, and often chips in with the word I'm seeking - invariably getting it right! A good and timely example of the problem occurred a few minutes ago whilst writing this very post: I couldn't for the life of me remember the word "trauma". I thought and thought, getting very frustrated, and it eventually came back to me after about 5 minutes - which is a long time I might add! Sometimes it might be hours or days before it comes back to me, but it always does eventually.

The other aspect of short-term memory loss which afflicts me daily is forgetting very recent events. By 10pm most evenings I won't be able to remember what I'd just had for dinner a few hours earlier, and I won't recall this until the next day, probably. After that it seems to get filed away successfully, and is no longer a problem thereafter. The same happens if we've been out somewhere or had visitors.

So don't worry, there's nothing unusual about your experiences. On the other hand resolving the problem ain't so easy!

Take care.

My husband come out with some beauts ! He will search for the word he needs and come out with something completely different . I have got use to it now , I tell him I know what you mean and give him the corrct word ..

I did Google it a while ago and came across a very interesting article explaining how it happens . sorry I cannot remember (lol) what it was and I haven't got parkinsons lol..

Like everyone says though the more you stress about it the harder it becomes .
My husband come out with some beauts ! He will search for the word he needs and come out with something completely different . I have got use to it now , I tell him I know what you mean and give him the corrct word ..

I did Google it a while ago and came across a very interesting article explaining how it happens . sorry I cannot remember (lol) what it was and I haven't got parkinsons lol..

Like everyone says though the more you stress about it the harder it becomes .
We have 4 cats, and I will ALWAYS forget their names when I'm talking about them.

I get over this by giving each of them an alternative name which (IMPORTANTLY) creates a visual picture in my mind of that specific cat. For example:

I refer to Monty as Fluffy. As soon as I think of the latter name I get a minds-eye picture of Monty. Similarly when I actually see or picture him I instantly think Fluffy. But I never remember the name Monty.

Similarly I know Bramble as Blackie, Buddy as Periscope (it's the way he carries his tail!) and Stumpy as Fatty (obviously).
Interestingly, I've discovered that if my dodgy memory causes me to address the wife by the first name of my PREVIOUS wife, it doesn't go down too well....
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I am so extraordinarily pleased that this topic has come up. As a linguist and a chatterbox people seem to find it moderately amusing that I stop midsentence knowing there is a specifically correct word infuriatingly it eludes me. I took it as part of the whole PD jigsaw.
Ray's visualisation technique is classic, however I have never been able to achieve it. It gets worse when I will not compromise the word I'm looking for and insist on waiting until the correct word hits me: this can be the following week. It is the lack of intellectual dignity which I bemoan, as if there isn't enough dignity loss involved. It would appear there is no secret corner untouched by PD. I would be pleased to hear from anybody who can help.
mrs t - I do not believe that there is any scientific evidence for this - but I find word games, X-words, talking (if only to myself) helps. I also cannot use Rays visualization technique as it is usaually a descriptive word that I am searching for. I am not too bad at names, although I have been kown to mentally go through the alphabet when trying to recall someone's name!
As someone once said, the more one is aware that a stumbling block is approaching the more likely one is to stumble on it. So when you KNOW there are certain specific words which you ALWAYS forget, then you WILL forget them yet again when the time comes.

My cats' names are prime examples. And as before, "trauma" was causing me much anguish while I was typing the last sentence, merely because I knew I was going to need to use it shortly! How sad is that?

I have an ever-growing list of "regulars": words which I know will always cause me trouble. When I'm aware that a need to use one of them is approaching I start to panic. And we all know how good stress is for PwP. I'd tell you what these words are, but I forget.
Hi ray of sunshine

I forget words all the while but also things the wife says to me.like what were doing all week.i find the iPhone I've got is my memory with alerts.i did find it interesting about you recognising symptoms since you were 20 cause I'm doing the same.but then I've been thinking that I couldn't have had it that long.or could I.what symptoms do you remember early on.all the best twins99
For several years now i have had difficulty remembering my students names, i thought it was just one of those things, alas! on-going problem, but how do you beg for forgiveness when you are being corrected without having to say 'it's my Parkinsons'?....answer..you don't! you just fluster and look stupid! :flushed:
And don't you hate it when the word you have been searching for suddenly pops
into your brain causing you to shout a word like "fungus" in a totally
inappropriate place such as a crowded supermarket. As if you don't attract
enough stares by your shuffling gait, your inability to control your shopping
cart, the way you trip over toddlers (who aren't really there) and your
tendency to knock over displays of baked beans. Sigh.........
Good Morning everyone,

Just a thought I haven't got pd my husband has but I forget all the time these days when I had a very good memory a few years ago, is it just ageing but made worse when you have pd I wonder? I try going through the alphabet to remember names I too suddenly remember the word I wanted and usually say it some time after the relevant conversation.
have a good day
Oooooooh we have that prob as well, age, business, stress and the pd all increase it. Ray you're tips are good I'm gonna try them I am the one without pd but can be just same as h with pd, but then I have never been able to remember people's names , he always did have a very good memory, he is still sometimes better than me eg when I loose the car keys he may know they are in the fridge but cant remember name for fridge lol sunray
To be honest, I dislike it when somebody else supplies the word I am searching for. Even if it is the exact word I want I am tempted to say "no, no what I mean is...." I suppose it gives me a feeling of satisfaction or maybe relief when I can come up with the word(s) by my very own self. O/H has recognised this and simply leaves me to retrieve it from my memory, whilst knowing exactly what I am trying to say
I'm glad I am not the only one....not only do I also remember the word at a later time when it is quite insignificant I also find at times my conversations can be quiet random as flit from one thing to another I call it my Homer moments when whats in my head just comes out even if it has nothing to do with the conversation at the time.

I am reliably informed I have always had a tendency to be a bit random but joking aside I think I get worse. But not going to dwell on this however think I might mention it to Neuro tomorrow, lovely man loves me when I produce my list lol
Hi Everyone,
Thank god other people have random moments and flit from one thing to another, my very good friend who help me a lot brought her daughter around who I know but haven't seen for a while and she looked quite puzzled, her mum said don't worry you will catch up in a minute!! my son always says I think half a conversation and expect people to know what I am talking about when the second of the conversation comes out loud, I have just given up and say it is Me and I can't change now then we have a good laugh.
I hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine.
best wishes
My days are sometimes one long random moment tbh. I've always chatted away to myself, I now find myself either overflowing with vocabulary or searching for that elusive 'right' word...strange. But if I'm talking to myself at least no one tries to prompt me. I also find I am stammering or similar, hesitating over a syllable. God, that annoys me but heyho. I agree that stress and tiredness undoubtably make it worse.