Lord Freud

What a absolute disgrace  the comments made by Lord Freud and shame on David Cameron for not sacking him  ,if the pip and esa chaos was not enough  these comments are not going to win the government any votes , is that what there trying to do force the sick and disabled off benefits  so we work for £2 a hour angry



I think it's disgusting Shelly

How cameron can hark on about protecting the disabled  at the tory conference  and P.m's questions and not sack him is beyond me, imagine if these people get in power again the following 5 yr's doesnt bare thinking about, they care only about how rich they are and "resent the poor",  word's cameron used just a few weeks ago at same conference.

I know they resent  the poor and also the sick and disabled as apparantley were only worth £2 a hour ,how can they treat people with such utter contempt  no one asked to be sick or disabled it is a hand we have been dealt in life we have to deal with it and we certainly do not need comments like that angry God help us if they get relected next year modern day Hitlers

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I don't support any attack on disabled people, I am one, nor do I support cynical political ploys and half truths by politicians, of any party, or newspapers / media coercing vulnerable people to their point of view, but this is exactly what happened here and it has now been proven that the Labour Party not only blew it up out of all proportion, but actually lied about it.

Angela Eagles was completely shot down in flames on Question Time - shell shocked by the truth from the audience of ordinary people.

Ed Milliband is the one who should be ashamed.

Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed.

Btw I am not a Tory.



So his comment's on 'food banks', 'bed room tax','social houseing' , 'expenses' ect ect ect are also lies then mike??

walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is a duck..

In this particular instance, he was asked a question, and a very small part of a complicated, but sympathetic answer, was seized upon to make political capital, which was then twisted by Red Ed and his spin doctors, in order to portray the Tories in a bad light, and cynically, counteract the lower unemployment numbers published on the same day.

I am not defending the Tories or their policies, and they may be from the dark side to many people, and Lord F may have said other things which are reprehensible, I don't know, but he was badly mis quoted in this instance, and  many disabled people were needlessly upset & hurt -  they were used & lied to by Labour & to me, as a disabled person, that is reprehensible.

Disabled people should not be used as political footballs, by any party, and deserve an apology from Labour,  who badly mismanaged this event.



Whatever has gone onin the political partys and the media regarding the comments made by Lord Freud  is not the only issue as seaangler quite rightly pointed out it is not just about the comments made by Lord Freud

The lower unemployment numbers are really not worth the paper they are printed on , one of my sons worked within dwp and the so called lower unemployment figures look impressive but they really are not because the government make the people on JSA  do work for there dole money , they work probably 40 hours a week in a charity shop to be entitled to £56 a week jsa  but although they are still unemployed and receiving benefits the governmment actually list them as working , and the amount of people that are unfairly sanctioned by the dwp  and then get there benefit stopped

Does ot matter who said what at the end of the day disabled people as you say are being used as political footballs  which is wrong

I think it matters that " in this instance" some unsuspecting disabled people have been cynically & very wrongly used & lied to, by the Labour Party, and no apology will be forthcoming, either by Labour or the Labour supporting press - they don't do sorry.



Not concerned at all that they lied about Lord F . ( who used to be one of their advisors ) that's par for the course for politicians of all parties,  he is big enough & strong enough to survive, & sue if he is so inclined.


For someone who say's they are not a tory, your sure doing a good impression of one Mike.

In the Real world, if someone made those comments in Any context then they'd quickly find themselves suspended from said job, but alas it is Gov where you can say anything without reproach.

Right is right . Labour is wrong here.

Hi Sea Angler,

just to lighten things up I have posted a poem in Creative Corner for you.





That certainly lightened things up Mike , i have not laughed so much in ages smiley

Life's too short for fighting over politics I think?



Thank's for the poem

i'm not into fighting

i'm off down the beach

where i hope the fish are biting

will it be whiting?

will it be cod?

i hope my rod..

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