Lord of the highlands

Hi there,Shefinn ,Supa,Tee Hee,GlasgowGirl,and anyone else who remembers Lord of the highlands,
I paid an unexpected visit yesterday to the Lord (we are on holiday I n the area and a friend of my daughters kn ows where he stays)it was good to see him and his dog buddy he is doing away ok,still chasing haggis and he keeps in touch with the chap from Australia who used to be on here a lot (Kevin?)
He mentioned the above and I thought you would like to know ,
Cheers Anne d (bluebell)

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Hullawrerr Ann29: tell me were those haggis difficult to catch? Tommy fea Sunny Govan.

hi ANNE29 - that is really good news about Ian, thank you for passing on the message to us all. We miss his banter on here, but he knows we are thinking about him and his other half. Hope you had a good holiday and that you are keeping well yourself

Sheila xx

Hi T1,
Nice to meet you another fellow Scotsman .

Ian was quite a character,he’s still the same ,always out chasing haggis,don’t think he has ever caught any.
Cheers Anne29

Hi Shefinn,

Yes I told him we miss his banter!!
I am doing away so so hope to see the Pd nurse soon and may get a change In meds .I am so slow and balance problems at times.
How are you doing yourself Sheila think you have been diagnosed about the same time as I have.
Cheers Anne

Hi Anne

Ģlad you enjoyed your holiday. I too am finding that I have balance problems.
This PD just gets worse eh?


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Hi Babswood,

Yes it’s no joke this pd but you have more problems with your rheuathritis and eye problems.
I also have problems with my eyes closing ,especially my right one.
How long have you been diagnosed for Babs, I think roughly the same time as I have which is 6 years nearly but had it a least 1 year if not 2 years before
We are still on holiday go back tomorrow we have been at Ki gussie for a week
Cheers Anne hope your

Hi Anne I have been diagnosed for b 5 years cannot believe that time goes by too quickly.
My right eye is my worse one. I find it quite embarrising.
I am going to hospital next friday to get my botox around my eyes which makes a difference for a few weeks.
You seem to come to Scotland quite a lot. Do you have family up here.Have a safe journey back home Anne and speak soon.

Hi Babswood,
I live in Scotland In Angus,where do you live?
I find it interesting that ts also your right eye thats worse,my symptoms were definitely worse on my right side.
Must go now shall speak later

Hi Anne - hope you get your meds sorted and get back to some sort of normality. I’ve had PD for about 8 years now. meds are Ropinirole 18mg daily with Sinimet 2 x 3 times a day. Doing ok apart from this persistant cough I have, but still clutching at straws that someone can come up with an answer to sort it

Anyway take care speak soon - Sheila x

Hi Anne
I live just outside of Glagow.
it is good to speak to someone with similar symptoms. Do you get Botox.? I go for my injections at the New Queen
Elizabeth hospital Glasgow this Friday the difference is unbelievable. Hoping you keep well Anne. Take Care Babs x

Hi Babs ,
No I don’t get botox,I have an appointment with p nurse in 3 weeks so shall c what she says about it
It’s a real dreich day in the east of Scotland,much like yours in the west!
Take Care Anne

Hi Babswood and all the Scots folk.
I live in Glasgow and was diagnosed Nov last year . Can I ask I am working full time after returning from 4 months off due to the diagnosis . I get very tired after work does this get better , I’m 52 .
I haven’t seen my consultant since my diagnosis in November , huge waiting list apparently at the QEUH

Hi Outlander,
Well everyone is different but I think fatigue is one of the worst symptoms .Hopefully you will get an appointment soon,6 months is often the case with neurology app.Have you seen a parkinsons nurse they are usually very good, hope this info is of some help.
Cheers Anne

Hi there who is your NEurologist. My NEurologist is Dr Edward Newman who is based at the queen elizabeth but I see him at Glasgow royal infirmary.
My Parkinson’s nurse is Tracy Murphy who I see at the queen Elizabeth Glasgow…
Have to go just now speak later.
Babs x

aye aye bluebell
Thanks for visit catch you all later
The Lord xx

Hi Lord of the highlands,
Nice to have seen you again Ian.
Take care.,