Losing my marbles or finding my bearings?


Why am I here?

Because of the need to share with others something that has really made a difference to my life with PD.

Diagnosed in 2003 I am now referred to as having advanced PD.

I'm am also now being called an old lady by some, and an inspiration by others.

Can't post it all here and now but if interested please google skating as a therapy for Parkinson's Disease Lethbridge University Canada Dr Jon Doan

I have been in touch with Dr Doan and am keen to connect with anyone who would be interested in looking at this wonderful therapy..

I have been roller skating over the past two years and my experience concurs with Dr Doan's research findings.

Hi Skater,

Welcome to the forum!

It’s amazing how you’ve found skating to be beneficial to your Parkinson’s and I’m sure others in the forum will find your story very inspiring as much as we do.

Feel free to keep the pictures coming! :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


Welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with PD.

It does look fun and looks like it keeps you slim and fit.

I hope you have many more years zooming around on your skates.

I get a little down sometimes and it is people like you who cheer me up, determination and a sense of fun, keep going girl, you are winning.


Hi Skater - excuse the cliché ‘didn’t she do well’! You are very brave or you learnt to skate years ago, I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep my feet from splaying apart! I have no balance whatsoever, was even twelve years old before I could ride a bike!

Keep on rolling along if it helps you keep motivated, well done - Sheila :astonished: