Loss of apetite

Hi all @ the forum i have recently noticed that my appetite has gone and i mean it has dissapeared completly .My Mrs is getting worried about it but i just tell her it ok .Does anyone else have this problem should i go to the GP?

Just the opposite. I keep on struggling with my weight!!!

i have both - no appetite and weight gain. think it has something to do with chocolate.
never finish a meal. get strange looks from waiters. hard to explain i dont eat much when 30kg over wweight!

Cowboy101 here,
Loss of appetite probably means that as you have to have a "little snack" everytime you take a tablet your inclination for eating has disappeared! That`s probably not much consolation, but the chances are your system will adapt and your appetite return, hope this is what happens anyway, the only thing to do that might help is to eat less when you take your medication!! Best of Luck, Cowboy101 and Wife.
P.S. At least, that`s what My Wife says, but if you`re on medication that does not
require food the above won`t apply. My Wife says that she eats far more chocolate than she ever used to, she must do it when I`m not looking! She says the tablets give her More of an appetite!! Still Wishing You All the Best Cowboy101 and Wife.

Hello everyone,

Loss of appetite is very common in some people with PD and you should be checked for weight loss at the clinic's.
What my husband and I have found over the years is that pwp's love sweet foods and chocolate especially. One of the PD nurse's told me not to cut my husband down on his love of ice cream as it all helps with getting enough fluids, she also said that it takes pwp's three times the energy to walk across a room that non pwp's so it all depends on how you are really but I do know that our clinic was very concerned if people kept losing weight.
I hope that helps a little.
best wishes

I recall reading the leaflet in my first packet of Sinemet+, in the long list of possible side effects in stated "weight loss, weight gain" I had to chuckle, talk about cover your backside.

I've always loved chocolate, even in the middle of chemotherapy 24 odd years ago my weight didn't slip!

On a serious note I guess small or short term changes are worth noting but not worrying too much about, conversely, rapid, big or sustained changes need a second look.


Having been diagnosed 10 years my weight loss has occurred in the last 3. I have lost 2 2/2 stone in that time. I became suspicious when my trousrs kept falling down, followed by my Bridget Jones Knickers. Recent diagnosis of secodary breast cancer in the bones explains the problem. It is surpising how many sympotoms are common to both PD and cancer in the bones. and juggling Neurologist and Oncologist,(in different cities and hospital trusts), Parkinsons and Macmillan nurses is an exercise in logistics.
I am looking on the bright side, I am buying a complete new wardrobe, and cannot nor will not be denied.

My husband never had a particularly sweet tooth , but now he is asking for sweets all the time I normally keep some butter mints infor him, including chocolate . and ice cream . Silly me I forgot to put ice cream on my shopping order this week ..

Thanx for all you replies to this post some helpful advice .I dont eat alot of chocolate but all this talk has driven me to delve into the wifes stash and munch on her bar of fruit n nut lol(she thinks i dont know)