Loss of appetite

Hi everyone, I’m new to the group. My husband has had Parkinsons for 8 years and over the past 9 months his appetite has gone, disappeared altogether. I can’t remember the last time we sat and had a meal together. Does anyone else have experience of this?

Hi Chocqueen11 - has your hubby ever said he has no sense taste or smell since he has had parkinsons, because this could be the reason why he has lost his appetite. An awful lot of PWP do have this problem and I’m one of them. I do sit down to a meal but very rarely do I finish it because of not enjoying what I eat due to the lack of not being able to taste anything. I mostly enjoy indian food because I can actually taste a little of something!


Hi Sheila, yes he has said he can’t taste or smell anything. Some days he doesn’t eat anything at all which is not good. We are seeing his Parkinson’s nurse soon so will see if she can help. Thanks for your response

I agree about Indian food ,it’s the only thing I can eat :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi all,
Ive lost about a stone in weight since been diagnosed. Loss of appetite and taste contribute to this its hard to maintain the weight. I try protein smoothies and avocados.