Loss of appetite

Hi all, now that I am on the slow release ropinerole 8mg, things seem to be settling down. However I'm finding I can`t finish my meals due to starting to feel full and nauseous. I'm losing some weight which in it's self is not a bad thing but has anyone else experienced this and did it settle down eventually?

Tony in Cornwall.
Hi Tony, I've just increased to 6mg Requip XL last week and have had intermittent nausea and retching all day and variable appetite too. Worsened by coffee or milky things initially. I had been fine on 4mg but PD symptoms had come back so I needed an increase. Nausea is one of the most common side effects and I think many people are prescribed Domperidone (antisickness) along side. Many anti sickness meds cannot be taken with Requip but Domperidone is fine. I suggest requesting this if you continue to feel nauseous. I think I'm improving now but when I next need to increase I'm definitely requesting Domperidone. Hope you feel better soon. I feel so tired and sleepy at times by day since the increase too but have dreadful insomnia. Feels like a bit of a vicious circle....
Hi Silverkins thanks for the reply. Sounds like we are experiencing similar symptoms. I do have the anti-nausea tablets after the Parkinson nurse contacted my GP. Interesting what you say about milky drinks and coffee, I always used too have a hot drink in the evening, now I'm drinking lots of squash instead as I just don`t want a hot drink!

Take care and keep in touch.

Tony in Cornwall
I find I cannot eat a full meal any more, no nausea but just feeling full. I started having 4 small meals, this is now turning into day long snacking which stops at about 5pm. I am trying to find more non-sweet snacks, non-bread, and less fruit.
Hi Tony,
I lost weight when I started on Sifrol ER (extended release pramipexole), as I felt nauseous or unsettled in the stomach. I had to cut my portions right down, and had to carry food in case I needed to have a little something to eat. Nuts or bhuja mix or toast or crispbread biscuits settled my tummy. In that time, I went off having milk in the mornings, and also gave up coffee. This was over a 3-month period.

I have put the weight back on now because, I think, when I went back to Oregon I had some yummy big meals cooked for me and they expanded my stomach. Or it could have been because my reflux finally settled down??
Thanks guys, it's good to know I'm not alone experiencing this, such is the beauty of these forums :laughing:

Tony in Cornwall